Dating Kinky
I'm selfish AF, and proud of it.
April 13, 2022
Those who know me best know for a fact I am selfish. I do what I do because it gives me pleasure.
I've been writing about selfishness for a long time. I'm a damned selfish person. I know this about myself. I wrote "I'm a Selfish Shit" in 2013, so I have a long track record to point to. 

Some people argue with me about it. They don't think I'm selfish. 

I know better.

They think that because they benefit from my behaviors and actions (and that I make sure that they do), that I'm not selfish. Couldn't possibly be. 

They are wrong. 

VERY very wrong. 

And I believe this is where people misunderstand the foundation of selfishness. 

So, I'm going to tackle the topic again. Here goes. 

Find the full transcript for this episode here.

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