Slaying the Sale with Kyle Slaymaker
The First Guest Interview?!
March 3, 2022
We wanted to start with a bang right out of the gate, so we brought in the one and only Miranda Jiggins! This episode was an absolute blast to record and it is laden with hilarity, life lessons, profanity, and real-world business advice to help you operate your life at maximum levels! Be warned, we do go super deep in this episode including discussions of death, so consider this the trigger warning. Trust us, this is NOT one you will want to miss!
Welcome back to The Slaying the Sale!
This week we have Miranda Jiggins who is the Owner of Goals LLC. We get to discuss what it is like being a high-performing entrepreneur, love, and death, and have some hilarious moments that bring a fantastic perspective on life and business!.
Miranda Jiggins shares with us a few tips that can help you in sales as well as in business.
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Kyle Slaymaker
Miranda Jiggins's Company: Goals LLC
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