Masters of Community with David Spinks
Co-Ops Vs DAOs with Austin Robey
March 14, 2022
In this episode of Masters of Community, we speak with Austin Robey, the co-founder of MetaLabel and Ampled. Our host, David Spinks, VP of Community at Bevy and Co-Founder of CMX, moderated the conversation. Austin shares what co-ops and DAOs can learn from each other and the pros and cons of co-ops and DAOs. He details the background of co-ops and their roots in civil rights and agriculture. Austin also talks about his work in going from co-ops and experiencing the challenge of fundraising for a co-op and making it financially sustainable. Who is this episode for? Community builders, community managers, community leaders, and co-ops and DAOs enthusiasts. Timestamps: (00:49) - Intro to Austin and his experience with FWB (08:55) - What is a cooperative and how you can start one (19:30) - 5 examples of successful co-ops (22:26) - When co-ops meet DAOs (31:49) - Solving co-ops problems from a DAO perspective (38:28) - What are some effective DAO models? (41:09) - Understanding the role of community managers in DAOs (43:49) - Setting up a practical co-op or DAO strategy (47:56) - Rapid-fire questions Notable Quotes: “I think a cooperative model is flexible, but it's also very simple. One of the key defining characteristics of a cooperative is one member, one vote.” “At a core level, the reason for starting a cooperative is different from a traditional company.” “Ownership drives the interest, and interest of an investor who owns a startup is very different from a community using a product or service. And ownership is what drives incentives, which drives behaviors.” Answers to rapid-fire questions: What's your favorite book to gift or recommend to others? Ours to Hack and to Own by Trebor Scholz What's a community product you wish existed? Tools like the Mirror and XSplit What habit has had the most positive impact on your personal life? I adopted a dog, which I like and there are many habits associated with it. What's one community engagement, tactic, or conversation starter that you like to use in your communities? What I did with Ampled was to give everyone my phone number and tell them to call whenever they want. If you could condense all of your life lessons into one Twitter sized piece of advice to the rest of the world on how to live, what would that advice be? Having the guts to do cool stuff results in cool stuff happening.
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