Built on Bitcoin with Jacob Brown
A Better Way to Fund Cities with Crypto & CityCoins - Patrick Stanley 'CEO of Freehold'
September 10, 2021
Patrick Stanley (CEO of Freehold) talks how he got into crypto, and what he sees coming down the pipeline with crypto, CityCoins and beyond. Quote to ponder: "It used to be, big if true, now its, true if big."
Patrick Stanley (CEO of Freehold) is on the podcast today.
We talk about:
[0:00] Intro
[0:54] How Patrick got into Crypto?
[3:02] What is money?
[3:42] Crypto makes everyone an investor.
[5:24] Crypto meets Regulation,
[11:58] Time @ Blockstack /  Stacks.
[16:25] CityCoins brilliant use of Proof-of-Transfer.
[20:19] CityCoins as a voting mechanism.
[21:55] How much has CityCoins raised for the City of Miami?
[22:52] City votes to claim political contribution
[24:36] Miami Hackathon
[26:38] What's next with CityCoins?
[30:46] Bitcoin Miami 2022
[31:37] How to learn more
[32:27} Outro

Follow Patrick on Twitter @PatrickWStanley &
Follow CityCoins @mineCityCoins


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