Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself
Authentic Wellness Podcast
Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself
October 4, 2021
Have you ever felt like a failure? In this episode, your host, Sophia Antoine, introduces herself and her show. She also shares how the events of the last few years helped to birth the Authentic Wellness Podcast. We quickly move on to the features of the show and the exciting things the future holds. Listen, Subscribe, + Share with your family and friends.

What is Authentic Wellness

To be authentically well means to do wellness on your own terms. It means to take control of every area of your life and mold it into what it needs to be for you to peacefully exist. Authentic Wellness looks different for everyone, but you will definitely know it when you see it. 

Part of becoming authentically well is to set good boundaries. You have to build up your self-esteem and be aware of your self-talks.  It is a proven fact that people don't speak to others as much as they should. People spend most of their time reading posts and listening to others speak. They spend more time on social media than spending time really connecting with friends. That presents a problem. 

There needs to be a time filled with deep introspection concerning every areal of your life. Examine where you are and where you want to be. Listen to the voice that tells you that you shouldn't squander what you have left of your life and no longer diminish your potential. 

Who Do You Want to Be

When you see people who are upset and angry all the time, seemingly without cause, it is because they know they aren't being their true selves. It is especially evident when the person is friends with someone who is unapologetic about being confident. At the end of the day, it is up to you to decide the life you want to live and make it happen. The time will pass anyway, you make as well spend the time building a life you will love. 

Stages of Change

  1. Precontemplation is when someone is unaware that change is needed. They may even be unaware that their patterns and behaviors harm themselves or others.
  2. Contemplation is when a person is considering making a change. The issue has been brought to their attention and they are ambivalent about making changes.
  3. Preparation is when someone is gathering information about how to change and who can help and assembling a support team.
  4. Action is when a person starts to make new habits. Perfection isn't the goal. The goal is to keep trying in case there is a setback.
  5. Maintenance is when the actions have formed new habits.  
There is a chance of relapse at any stage. This is why a support system is key.

Overall, authentic wellness is for everyone. You just have to be ready to embark on the journey. 

What do you think about authentic wellness and how could you benefit from it?