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166. What does CROHNS & CYCLING & an ONLINE Cycling Shop have in Common? Meet MICHELLE BRIDEAU Listen and Find Out
December 22, 2021
In this episode, you'll learn about an amazing woman who cycles to control her symptoms of Crohn's Disease. In the process, she found that activity is a way for people with chronic illnesses such as hers and since then has gotten into touring around on two wheels which led me here: creating one-of-a kind items made just for city cyclists!

Michelle Brideau – Canadian living in the UK
YouTube channel One Less Car:

Michelle started cycle commuting in 2014 in London as a way to fit exercise into her life. Five months later she was planning a ride across Canada and in that first year, she bought 3 bikes.
Since then, I've gone on many more tours, cycled the Pyrenees, fallen in love with long-distance cycling and achieved Super Randonneur status.
Cycling has truly changed her life, from being her medicine keeping Crohn's in remission to becoming her new career since she opened One Less Car, a cycling accessories shop for those who travel by bike.
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