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#48: From $100M/yr In Real Estate Transactions… To Crashing… To Impacting Millions & Helping 1,000+ People Become Best Selling Authors w/ Rob Kosberg
September 21, 2021
Rob Kosberg was doing $100M/yr in real estate transactions when 2008 hit. He went from living in a 8,000 sq foot house and driving a $150,000 car to losing it all… At one point he sold all of his favorite art and his wife even raised some money to get through Christmas by selling gingerbread houses. When he was starting to re-build, one of his mentors suggested that he write a book… And not only did he do that, but he was able to leverage that book to build multiple businesses. Today, he’s helped thousands of people to become bestselling authors and then leveraged that book to land speaking gigs, new leads, and ultimately explode your business. And as always, this week you and I get to hang out with him!