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Amazon Seller Central – Outsourcing to VAs – with Nathan Hirsch
May 6, 2019
Seller Roundtable session Episode 9 with Nathan Hirsch
Things we discussed in this episode:

Clip 1: Nathan's Backstory
Clip 2: Discovering Amazon
Clip 3: Challenges Starting on Amazon
Clip 4: Popular Tasks to Outsource
Clip 5: Tracking VAs Progress
Clip 6: When to Fire Employees
Clip 7: Language Barrier and Type of Contract
Clip 8: How To Find VAs
Clip 9: Tools for Communication and Management
Clip 10: Setting Expectation with VAs
Clip 11: Hiring High-level Experts
Clip 12 Outsourcing Product Research and Company Secrets
Clip 13 Offloading Employees
Clip 14 FreeeUp
Clip 15 Training VAs Effectively

Things we mention in episode 9 of SRT:
Trello :
Outsourcing Masters:

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