Music as a Service (MaaS)
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Music as a Service (MaaS)
April 3, 2021
In this episode we talk about the evolution of music and how it can be distributed.
Okay, so we've heard of software as a service or SAS, And have you ever heard of music as a service? So I'm actually thinking about coming out with a music as a service and for those that don't know, actually used to make music in a different life. A long time ago, I've actually had music published in one of the American pie soundtracks and some TV shows and stuff like that. Anyway, I used to do music. I haven't done it in a very long time because I love creating businesses much more. But I do want to go back to my music one day, and the dream is one day I can have a studio somewhere secluded where I can just go and do nothing but music and just get away from society. And it would be so awesome to live that kind of life. And my idea is, if I ever do a album, what I plan to do is a music as a service album, a mass. So this idea is not entirely new. Kanye did something similar when Jay Z released his own music platform. I can't remember what it's called tubular or something like that. I can't remember anyway. When Jay Z what was it called? Mm, I'm trying to think about it. It's not coming to me, but yeah, Whenever Jay Z released this platform title, there we go. Whenever Jay Z released title. Kanye West first put his album on title, and the way it worked is Kanye. He didn't feel like he was finished with his album, so what he would do is he would swap out some of the songs on his album on title. So sometimes you would be listening to his album because I've bought his album from different areas and I've noticed some of the songs are different, and that's because he was swapping them out. He didn't feel it was finished. He just wanted to put it out, and he kind of had this music as a service. And I was thinking that's such a great idea because now, instead of waiting for a polished product, how cool, How cool would it be if people that enjoy listening to my music, but not only just my music people that wanted to be involved in my story, which is usually my family and friends, this is something that they would love. They would love this music as a service because they can see how the music is evolving. And the way that I would implement it is I would release an album, a music album, over a private podcast feed and with the private podcast feed. If you want to get access to it, you would have to subscribe. It would be like a nominal amount every single month. I don't know, maybe like 10 bucks a month, and that gets you unlimited listens. You can listen as many times as you want, and here's the thing. As you're listening. As the music is improving, you're gonna get a two point oh version and a three point oh version and a four point oh version. There might be some extra songs. There might be some bonus songs that are just there for, like, a couple of days, which makes you want to go back and listen to that album. So many interesting things that you can start doing when you have a music as a service. And whenever I do get back into music, if I ever do get back into music, I think this would be a really cool way of implementing a subscription model for my music, where I am just reaching out to my audience directly and not having to do it through some other kind of platform. So that's it. There you have it music as a service if you are an artist or a musician out there and you plan to do this and feel free to take this idea like I just want people to put this stuff out there. But yeah, take this idea, creating music as a service Give me a shout out if you can, but reach out and let me know what you did and I would love to see how you implemented it. Boom, bam, I'm out. 

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