How to NOT be an Amazon Bestselling Author
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How to NOT be an Amazon Bestselling Author
March 24, 2021
In this episode, we talk about why the tile "Amazon Bestselling Author" can actually hurt you in the long run.
You probably noticed the trend of Amazon best sellers that are on Instagram or Amazon. It almost seems like every single author is a best selling author on Amazon, and it's a really easy title to get, and because everyone is using it, I think it lost a lot of that shiny effect that it had. And from what I've been seeing with authors on Amazon, they don't get all the benefits that you would normally get when you publish your book on your own website. 

One of the things that I don't like about Amazon is. If I were to release my book when... I forgot, I should probably plug in my book. I have a book. If you go to, then that's. I'm having a pre order for my book. So if you're listening to this podcast before November 29th, 2021 then you will see a pre-order for that book. If you're listening to it after that, then obviously the book is already out in the market. But here's why. 

I'm not putting my book on Amazon one, I am not able to have a direct communication channel with people who buy my book. I can probably put something in the book where it funnels people to go to my website. But the truth is, a lot of times people buy books and they don't even read the book. But they will read the emails. They will go look at other content that you show them, and they will like to build a connection with you. And when you're doing that on Amazon, you don't get to have that. And if you just release a book just because you want this shiny title of best selling author in like some obscure category, it doesn't really make sense to launch a book on Amazon. 

The other thing that I've noticed on Amazon is for most books, because people are playing the charting game, they will try to price their eBooks that are really low amount, so people will like, make it really easy to buy. For example, Russell Bronson for his Traffic Secrets book, he priced it at 99 cents because he was trying to get it to chart, and it's like a race to the bottom and for me, for my book, I value the information that's in my book, and I believe it will help people. And I also believe that you get what you pay for. And if people buy a 99 cents book, they're probably not going to value it it as much versus something that they actually had to pay a little bit more money for, because now it feels like an investment, and they want to get their return out of the investment by actually reading that book.

So this trend of trying to get an Amazon bestseller, I feel like in the long run it's going to hurt you, and that's where everyone is zigging. And when everyone zigs, you zag. So I will not be releasing my book on Amazon. It is only going to be sold on my website where I can have a direct connection with my customers, and I'm keeping most of the money for myself, and I don't have to share it with Jeff Bezos. Boom. Bam, I'm out 

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