How to launch your brand with a Big Bang!
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How to launch your brand with a Big Bang!
March 14, 2021
In this episode we talk about how to get to a big bang launch with a series of small sparks.
You want to launch your company or your brand with a big bang. And big bangs don't just happen with a big bang. Big bangs need a very long wick. A lot of times Founders will stop themselves from going into the market because they think that they will lose followers if they don't have the right message that they will ruin the reputation if they come off looking like they have a shoddy product. And so they stopped themselves and they just work on their product until they think it's perfect, which perfect perfection is a direction. 

Perfection will never happen. It's only a direction and they wait till they try to go get as perfect as possible before releasing. And what that stops them from doing is actually learning about the market, taking their shoddy product or the rudimentary idea and testing it against the market to see what people feel about it, what people think, what questions people have, what points of confusion that people have, and oftentimes people want to save all the resources because they imagine that they are going to release their product with a big bang, and what they don't realize is that Big Bang doesn't start off with a big bang. Those big bangs that you see elsewhere, they start off with a very long wick. You have to like that fire initially, and it's going to be a small fire slowly and you test that fire. You test that flame against different markets, different people, because you it's nearly impossible to get that bang until you have that spark that starts that first flame. 

So you take your idea, you start testing it against the market and you see what works, what doesn't work. And as you're learning what works and what doesn't work, this is going to give you the leverage and the momentum to create that big bang so big banks don't just start off as a big bang. They start off with little steps. They start off with a longer wick. When you see a big bang for a Marvel Comics movie, for example, it just doesn't release on release day with, like, this big celebration. They have a very long wick. Before that celebration, they start releasing teasers. Before they even made the movie they'll release like a teaser. They'll even put some of these teasers in the movies before they even plan on doing the movie. They just give you a hint that this is coming out because what they're doing is they're testing the market. They want to see how people react to this. Is this something that people want to watch? Is this something that they should divert a lot of resources to? 

And before they create that big bang, they're actually testing these small sparks with a very long wick. So don't fall into the trap of thinking that you need to be perfect to go to market, that you need to go to market with a big bang. Because what will likely happen is if you don't have a long wick, that bang will fizzle out. I'll see you guys in the next episode. 

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