The SDR DiscoCall Podcast: For Brand New Sales Development Reps
#058 The SDR DiscoCall Podcast – Chili Piper Special Episode
August 23, 2022
Most people have been into sales and realised they are not into the customer’s journey. Today, we speak to three guests from Chili Piper on their journey, from tasting a bit of everything to finding their exemplary careers and passion in sales. In the episode, Matthew Sutton, Alastair Chamberlin & Elric Legloire talk to us about building a career in sales, working with different skill sets, maximising your team’s strengths, identifying weaknesses to work on, and three ways to ask for help as an SDR manager. Plus, we explore why collaboration, healthy competition amongst teams, humility, and transparency gels an SDR team. The SDR DiscoCall Show is sponsored by Chili Piper, for more information, please visit
Matthew, Alastair, and Elric share their journey in the sales industry, the challenges of a remote SDR, advice on pursuing new roles, and discovering your passion, as well as three bits of advice to anyone embarking on a sales journey. 

01:15 – Introducing our Chili Piper guests Elric, Alastair & Matt.
03:15 – Our guest’s interests and hobbies outside sales.
05:53 – Alastair’s journey in sales and how he ended up in Chili Piper.
08:04 – Alastair’s advice on job insecurity and pursuit of new roles.
11:23 – What Chili Piper does.
13:20 – Matt’s story as an intern to becoming an SDR at Chili Piper.
22:09 – Elric’s journey to an SDR manager at Chili Piper.
26:27 – Elric’s turning point from a marketing to a sales mind.
27:40 – What to know if you’re taking the SDR manager’s role.
30:09 – Alastair’s and Matt’s challenges working as remote SDRs.
34:42 – Maximising your team’s strengths and improving their weaknesses as an SDR manager.
37:00 – How to ask for help as an SDR manager.
40:04 – The dynamics of a good SDR team.
49:44 – Three bits of advice each of our guests would give to their younger self about embarking on a sales journey.