Devoteam N Platform's Travelling Postcard Series
The Middle East
May 20, 2022
Welcome to Devoteam N Platform’s Travelling Postcard Series! We’re taking you on a one-of-a-kind world tour of Europe, North America and The Middle East stopping off at Devoteam offices along the way. Our world tour will stop in 9 countries including Denmark, the Middle East, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Spain, France, Mexico, Germany and the UK. We’ll hear from a Devoteam family member from each office who will give us the lowdown on what it’s like to be part of the Devoteam family, exciting projects Devoteam are working on and what life in each individual country - the culture, the people, the spots to visit, and most importantly – where to go for the best food! Everything you could ever want to know about working for Devoteam N Platform and working in different countries is all here – all with a twist of ServiceNow. Are you ready? Let’s go!
The second stop on Devoteam N Platform’s Travelling Postcard Series is Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. 
Senior Principal Dirk Kruger who joined the Devoteam family in February 2020 will be giving us the lowdown about the Middle East and Devoteam out in Riyadh. Dirk loves an adventure and had been loving life living in Australia for a few years before getting a call from Devoteam and deciding to start a new adventure in the Middle East.
Dirk shares stories about living, working and travelling all over Australia, the move to the Middle East, getting used to local customs, new foods and flavours and what you can get up to during Riyadh Season (spoiler alert: there’s a lot!)
We also discuss his journey working for Service Now as Devoteam isn’t the first company he’s worked for that uses the platform, and he shares a few funny stories of when he first came over and was finding his way around – literally in the dark sometimes!
Oh and his gift to Saki in the Belgian episode is a lovely representation of the Middle East – have a listen and see what you think.
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