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282. CYCLING OUT LOUD Women's Cycling Specific Apparel | Lekisha Hamilton
October 10, 2022
Meet Lekisha. She decided one day to design cost-effective cycling clothing for women and I'm glad she did. She was so generous in setting up a special for all of you, BUT you'll need to listen to the end to get it. Happy Shopping.

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Lekisha Hamilton
Cycling Out Loud is a MOVEment. An expression of what makes you unique. They carry that expression into their cycling. They express it through bold, strong, sexy patterns, designs and colors that are YOU.
Headquartered in Charlotte, NC, they are a cycling apparel company specializing in helping you look your best while cycling without compromising comfort or budget.  We specialize in outfitting cyclists of all shapes and sizes in unique, bold patterns with personality.  We have the cyclist in mind who wants to exude individuality. 

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