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Relieving Mental Health Problems In Workplace! (Ft. Sonya Wasden)
September 26, 2022
**TRIGGER WARNING** This episode contains content about suicide.
This episode contains content about suicide.

In today's episode of The Recovery Entrepreneur Show, I chatted with Sonja Wasden. She is a suicide survivor, mental health advocate, inspirational speaker, and author. She has traveled the country speaking with Fortune 500 companies, not-for-profit organizations, government officials, advocacy groups, and top media outlets about the importance of mental health.

This episode contains explicit content and may trigger su**ide. Sonja talks about why she thought about  su**ide, its effects on our families, and what they have in mind when they think about doing it.

And while she's battling her inner thoughts, she was also struggling with her behavioral addiction. She discovered a method through therapy that helped her manage her behavioral addiction.

She also talked about the importance of mental health in the workplace. That is one of the main reasons why she is talking to Fortune 500 companies.

Some people are smiling and laughing but deep inside, they struggle mentally. Please always remember that you are not alone. Talk to someone, do something that makes you happy.

Sonja released a book called AN IMPOSSIBLE LIFE, please give it lots of love. Her book is available on Amazon.

Connect with Sonja:

Happy Monday beautiful people!


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