Making It: How to Be a Successful Online Entrepreneur
The Path to Purpose (Dr. Eve Agee)
January 13, 2023
Mentor and coach, Dr. Eve Agee recalls how her experiences in West Africa helped her find the path to her true purpose—helping others find their own paths. For Eve, making it is about helping others connect with what they truly desire.
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    Dr. Eve Agee is the founder of the Transform Coaching Academy and a best-selling author. As the leader of one of the top coaching certification programs in the world, she has helped hundreds of successful coaches get started on their coaching journey.

“What I would like to be remembered for is being able to empower or assist in creating that consciousness that I believe we need to really change our current path…”

– Eve Agee

A leader in the field of coaching and best-selling author, Dr. Eve Agee empowers others from a place of deep authenticity and integrity. A highly respected mentor and teacher, Eve is the Founder of the Transform Coaching Academy, rated as one of the top coaching certification programs in the world.

     For the last decade, Eve has trained hundreds of successful coaches from around the world and her coach certification program is accredited by the International Coach Federation.  An anthropologist with extensive expertise in shamanism and holistic healing, Eve has also worked at the White House and taught at the University of Virginia and brings a holistic, spiritual approach to coach training that honors each individual.

     For over twenty years, Eve has helped thousands of people transform their lives for the better and get exceptional results through her coaching programs, featured on NBC, ABC, BBC, iTV and NPR. She is committed to training people to be confident, talented coaches so they can embody their purpose with abundance and joy.

     Eve believes skilled coaches will play an integral part of creating an abundant, sustainable future for all. It’s her mission to help those who feel called to become successful certified coaches thrive financially while empowering others.

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