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175. Gravel Cup CANADA: 2022 Cycling Event Series
January 12, 2022
In this episode, you will learn about: How this stay-at-home dad and his passion for cycling prompted him to created a local Gravel Race series around his backyard in the rural Ottawa, On Area. Meet Brendan Gorman

Brendan Gorman
Event Director
Gravel Cup Canada

Based in the Gravel Cycling Mecca that is Canada’s National Capital Region, 

Brendan Gorman 

created Gravel Cup to share his passion for gravel riding, and to provide a platform for gravel cycling enthusiasts to explore new routes, and challenge themselves on a variety of gravel genres. He’s spent countless hours literally lost in the woods, curating the best gravel routes that Ottawa and it’s surrounding counties have to offer. Pick a Gravel Cup route and ride it on your own terms, or better yet, join us for a Gravel Cup event and share the journey with fellow Gravel Grinders.

2022 Current Details
on the @ontariocycling preliminary calendar for Apr 9, May 28, Aug 6 & Sept 10. Two events from Calabogie & two events in the western rural end of Ottawa. One event will use a high proportion of the @ottawavalleytrail & @kptrail along with a couple of others. There won’t be any extreme gnarl but the courses will still be fun, scenic & challenging.

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