Authentically Kinky (formerly known as What Women and Other Wonderful Humans Want)
The Fetish Journey of Anastasia Pierce
March 15, 2022
From fetish model to studio exec, Anastasia Pierce came to America with a dream, and turned it into a reality from creating her own productions to making opportunities for others as the new head of studio relations for Clips 4 Sale.
My name is Anastasia Pierce I am a fetish producer, model and a director .

I grew up in rural Switzerland and after graduating from business school I applied for an internship position on the other side of the planet in sunny California. On Thanksgiving day 1995, I moved to the USA with just two suitcases, $700 in my pocket and a brain filled with dreams ready to take on my American dream.

Before I tell you about my fetish journey I want to tell you that I feel that I have been incredibly fortunate to have met the right people in this industry along the way and I feel blessed to have encounter so many unique and talented models and producers that have become and are still to this day my best friends and what I consider my fetish family.

I am not going to lie, there have been bumps along the way and some difficult times but luckily I have been able to adapt, to progress, think outside the box, and reinvent my work several times. By shifting my focus I was able to pursue my career and achieve my dreams and reach personal goals I would have never thought were possible when I first started.

I am so proud to have been able to create my own fetish brand while keeping within my limits and only working with the fetishes that only truly inspired me and which also fitted into my personal interests and lifestyle.

This journey has turned into the most amazing career a person could ever dream off. And it brought me in front of you today and this is truly amazing.

I am so excited that we will all be on the same team working together.

Now let me give you some background about my fetish journey. So you can get to know me better. I am going to start at the beginning but I promise you it won't be too long.

My fetish journey started in 1999. I started doing webcams shows and online chats (which caming in private taught me so much about human sexuality, fetish interests and especially kink)

Not long after I started, I decided to attend an adult convention with one of my new cam friends. She introduced me to a famous photographer named Ken Marcus. Ken worked for Playboy and Penthouse for more than a decade shooting centerfolds.

After the convention we all went to his studio and that day I walked for the first time into a fetish set. My eyes open wide and I asked if I could try the suspension rig that was hanging from the ceiling. Within 10 minutes after walking in that studio, I was tied up, hanging by my ankles upside down naked, struggling and having an amazing time. Giggling away.

Soon after that, I heard of a production company (Gwen Media) who was looking for extras for a fetish movie near me. It didn't pay but I was super interested. When I got on set I was impressed by all the fetish wardrobe everyone was wearing amazing latex. That day I met several very famous dominatrix, and many of the top fetish models and also a super talented crew.

It was a hard day… 100 degrees in the sun in latex and high heels in the dirt but I felt I had found home and I fell in love with fetish movies that day, by being in one. And you know today, I still work with those same people I met 23 years ago!

After that I realized I was hooked and understood that this was what I was meant to do. I quit my corporate job in January 2000. And I have been independent since that.

I got my first jobs by contacting all the fetish companies and producers I could find that were shooting on the west coast and were shooting things that interested me. The majority were bondage companies and again Gwen Media the latex/rubber movie producer hired me many times.

At that time, I went to see agents for the adult industry to see if they could open doors of companies I didn't have contact for. They told me I was too old (I was 26) and that I needed a nose job.I walked out feeling awful of course and I never had an agent or anyone book work for me. I found it all on my own.

The fetish work was steady, didn't pay very much, the days were long and because of my personal limits there was not a ton of it. But I loved it.

Every time I worked for someone new I would ask a lot of questions about how they did things, everyone was genuinely into what they were shooting and happy to share their interests with an enthusiastic model who showed interest in their work.

For me fetish work has never been a paycheck, it has always been a passion and a lifestyle.

When I got started, I shot mostly for bondage producers and bdsm companies. Then I also did softcore girl girl movies, then hardcore girl girl movies and then I started producing for myself.

All the money I made went back into buying cameras, lights, computers, wardrobe, props, etc

I had a vision and was working towards it. Everything was directly reinvested.

I joined clips4sale in 20065 and I still have my store here.

And within a year of shooting my own content I started distributing my own line of fetish movies to adult stores in the USA and Europe. The dvd business was good and I was able to shoot a new movie each month and put it out on the market. I worked hard to build my brand and I found distribution and lots of models who came to work for me. And I was so happy to hire them, pay them well and give them the experience I wanted to have on shoots.

Things continued and my ambition and confidence grew and I approached bigger companies like Hustler who had the Taboo video line and I pitched them some ideas. They gave me a budget and I produced a dozen movies for them.

One of my favorite part of being in this line of work is that you always do something different.

If you are creative it is fantastic but you have to want it. And you have to learn so many trades. One day you are a graphic designer , the day after a model, the day after a warehouse worker building set and moving heavy things, the day after you do PR and marketing, then you are an editor, then a talent agent recruiting talents for your next movies and so on and so on. The work never ends. I honestly have been working a full time job 6 days a week.

And my advice is that if you want to be successful understand that there will be a lot of work involved.

But it will be the best work you have ever had.

For me, it has been a long learning fetish journey and a natural progression.