Customers Who Click
How to Pick The Right Marketing Tech Stack
May 10, 2021
Derric Haynie joined me to talk about picking the right tech stack.

In episode 58 of the Customers Who Click podcast, I had a great conversation with Derric Haynie about tech stacks, and how to pick new tools to add to your business.

Tech stacks are a wonderful thing but you know what they say - too much of a good thing.... I can see how tempting all these new shiny apps are, I too get excited about new plugins and widgets (and what they can offer) and often can’t wait to try them out.

But, it’s super important that the subject of adding tools to your tech stack is approached with a bit of consideration. If you get it wrong you might “just” waste a load of money, or you might find yourself replatforming shortly after to something more suitable, and this takes up time and money that could be better spent elsewhere.

Think about the stage of the business your brand’s currently at. How will you be scaling? What resources will you have available? Is this tool necessary? Maybe you already have a tool capable of achieving the same goal; perhaps your current tools may not even be compatible with the latest addition.

Derric is the Chief Ecommerce Technologist at Ecommerce Tech, where e-commerce teams go to find the right tools and tech for their stores. Believe it or not, his ecom journey started with a game of poker in college (that went on playing high-stake poker for 10 years).

Derric then went from creating a card game simulator, opening up an agency with his wife, working full time for a beauty subscription box before finally realizing his passion for the tech stack ecosystem. You can connect with him on LinkedIn, Twitter or head over to