Somali Professionals Podcast
How i became Head of Advanced Application & Analytics with Mohamed Jama
May 3, 2021
Salam Alikum and Ramadan Kareem, we wish you all a blessed Ramadan. I can't believe we are in the last few days of this blessed month. This week are excited to chat with Mohamed Jama regarding his journey into a senior leadership position in the Tech industry, and we spoke about how to navigate the workplace as a black Muslim in a non-diverse environment. Mohamed Bio Mohamed is a technology veteran with a passion for designing large - scale, highly scalable platforms from banking to e-commerce and now heading the biomedical informatics department in a research hospital. last but not least, Mohamed loves learning languages and he 4.5 languages. If Mohamed story resonates with you please do follow his podcast which is called Boodkast via this link and connect with him on LinkedIn Our dear listeners thank you so much for supporting us honestly you guys are the best and we appreciate you. Please don't forget to leave us a review and subscribe : ) We LOVE reading your emails /messages. For any feedback, questions, requests and collaboration, please email us at See you next week for another episode.