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Shipping to International Marketplaces - Amazon Seller Tips with Pearl Ausch - Part 1
January 24, 2022
Shipping to International Marketplaces - Amazon Seller Tips with Pearl Ausch - Part 1
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[00:00:01] spk_2: Welcome [00:00:02] spk_1: to the seller roundtable e commerce coaching and business strategies with and er not and amy Wiis. [00:00:10] spk_0: Hey, what's up [00:00:10] spk_1: everybody? This is any are not with Louise and this is sell a round table # 127. We're super excited to have Pearl Ocean today parole welcome. [00:00:20] spk_0: Thank you. Thanks for having me. I'm so excited to be with you guys. I've been looking forward to this one for some time. So thank you for having me. [00:00:29] spk_1: Thanks for being here. [00:00:31] spk_0: Well we're stoked to have you Pearl and you know, it's a really interesting topic because it's at a time when, when we're today we're talking about shipping our products uh, into all the different types of international market places that amazon offers and amazon is opening new marketplaces in so many different countries. I think I just heard of one recently. Another one in the Middle East as well as a few other ones that just opened brazil. I mean there's little marketplaces that eventually will become big marketplace is happening all over the place. And so if I want to take advantage of moving my products into some of these other marketplaces, I really need to know how to get my products over there. So it's great to have you on the show and to help people start thinking about moving their products and how that's done before we get into that. We like our first question to always be for you to tell us a little bit more about you as much or as little as you like and he always leaves it up to you if you want to provide a blood sample. But you know, tell us about you and how you got, how you got here. Great, great question. So okay, so again, my name is Pearl. I'm in Brooklyn new york. Can't get better than that, literally where all the hype is. We're officially, they say the biggest amazon sellers live. Um yeah, there's like that little rumor going around, but I, I could say that there's, there's a lot of truth to that. Um there are some some big, big high rollers that are coming out of this out of this zip code that know what they're doing on Amazon. So it's great, it's great to be here where people know what they're doing. So basically, you know, I'm in this uh industry for about eight years now with first rate ship eight For, you know, for that time for sure, shipping started about 12 years ago. Um funny enough, the way this whole thing happened, I used to work for like this car leasing company. What a nightmare of a job. I, I can't even explain that enough. Like I literally worked out of like a trailer and every time I had anybody come visit me, like my sisters loved coming to visit. Like they're cool sister that was working in like I was the eldest in the family. So it was like the first sister that's actually working and they came to visit me and they thought it was like what what is this like the place smelled absolutely awful and they were on my case, you gotta find a new job like you must and you know how it is when you know you gotta change a job and learn new things, they get trained and everything and I was lazy and I was just not having it one day. My husband decided he's going to go through the classified and he's going to put in an application for me and without me knowing sol our ceo actually made a phone when he's like I always say your resume, we'd like to come down for an interview. I had no clue, I was just came out of left field you know like totally on my texting because I'm like did you make a, did you put something in? I don't know what whatever the key says fast forward actually started out here as um and it is a customer service through up and right now you know with all that we've done and grown, thank God I'm actually the chief operating officer here. So I love what I do. Um personally I have three kids, a nine year old son like Andy actually and you said your son is almost mine four year old daughter and an almost two year old daughter. So they're why I do what I do and I love what I do and yeah I'm excited to get into it awesome and so is this how you learned about amazon and about e commerce by getting this job. It's a good question. So actually we used to have a gift basket business so we literally put together for hanukkah, these like baskets with chocolate and not take candy and for christmas and then we did a little bit for valentine's, we decided we're going to sell it on amazon me and my husband and we did, we did pretty well to be honest. But then you know the PPC changes and then the overhead and it was so much going on, we ended up selling the company and that's how we learned, you know, what are the supply chain issues people really face and what are the um, you know the struggles that they have when it comes to inventory because that was like a huge, huge issue that we had that our inventory, they didn't get into amazon fast enough for like the last christmas that we did and that was just like that was the last step we did before we said, okay, this is it like this is not meant for us, next phase in our lives. So I did that while I was doing the car leasing as well. But my husband ephraim, which he's from tactical just like you guys might know him but basically he was one that was running at full time. So we really got to know what it's like to be an amazon seller and you know the glory, you know beautiful things. People stay around it like there's so much hard work that really goes into it. So like mad respect for everybody that is killing it out there because I know it's way harder now than it was for us like 78 years ago. So yeah that that was you know my a little bit background that I had when it came to amazon, we did that for about three years. So yeah now we're doing the logistics for amazon. I love that you at least have some experience you know I think service providers that that don't have any experiences sellers themselves, it just does make it very difficult for them to understand kind of the all those things that you talked about dealing with cash flow and inventory and everything else like those are their real struggles and of course you know there's the glamour and all the revenue screenshots and the cells and all of that and the passive income you know that kind of stuff but it really is a full time job and it's hard and you know it's it's not it's not easy and so I love that that you have that experience and you know firsthand that logistics is just one part of a bigger puzzle and that you can kind of identify with some of those pain points. So that being said first choice shipping this company that you work for now that your ceo for you guys help people move their products from the US into international marketplaces. What are the most popular marketplaces that people shift to? It's a great question. So I think that you know Covid covid toward a lesson to a lot of business owners and they're like international selling became like the hottest thing and like the aggregators love it when they hear you have a presence internationally. It shows that you know you're having a global global presence even even helps your domestic sales. Like we've seen that time and time again. So what happened now over Covid is that people realize they can't rely on just one marketplace Because what happened was is there was the re supplements that was one and then when one country was having restrictions with amazon, another country was okay so like at one point France completely shut down. And then Canada was open and then Canada was closed from like March to almost july. It was absolute madness. But then what ended up happening is we have these sellers that were really really struggling in the U. S. And they were like pro like what's happening in Australia now is incredible. So Australia unfortunately had a lockdown for like combined about nine months like you know when you when you put it all together and e commerce was booming absolutely booming. We have customers that are like in the gaming industry right now and killing it there. But we saw in every single marketplace slowly when amazon was able to, you know, open back up their fulfillment centers, one the restrictions were looser obviously depending on you know what was going on at that time with Covid in the country we've seen sellers were able to really really diversify what's going on and make things much easier for themselves. So we've had a cellar that was doing for example in Canada about 10% of what he was doing in the U. S. Which is usually that that's usually the typical number what people do In the Canadian marketplace. And he started doing close to 30%, which is a crazy, crazy number and he's still holding on to that and you know, we're going to shows and talking to people and sellers are telling it to me more and more that they are able to really make up for what they were losing out. Either was inventory issues or again um inventory or recycle limits or just their product wasn't moving for whatever reason. And they were able to start diversifying it during Covid. Um so your question is, you know what marketplace you would recommend right I would recommend right now. Um The Canadian marketplace is a very very close second to the U. S. If you want to see what else you could do. Um population size obviously it's way smaller than the US. But it's a very very easy marketplace to explain to its english speaking, it's, uh, very similar cultures, people need what we need in Canada. Now, it's a very simple process to just like get set up. We do something more than Henry number that they have to set up and we actually can help with that as well. Um, and then, you know, there's all that well that we have to do is actually ship it in and amazon that takes over and it's exactly the same model as in the US sending the F B. A amazon's Fc's, they take over from there. So, Canada is definitely the first recommendation I would make for a seller that's looking to get started. Um, and then the U. K, the U. K. And europe is huge. The reason why I didn't say europe first is because europe could be a little bit more complicated when it comes to compliance for certain products. So certain products meaning to say health and beauty, um, adjustables such as like vitamins. Um, you know, they became a little bit tougher, more europe than the UK. But if somebody wants to just really get their feet wet and get excitement rolling for the international market, I would say go for the easiest first and the easiest and where you're going to see quick results as well. Um, so Canada, I would say it would definitely be the first one. I would, I would recommend. That makes sense. Yeah, I know, uh, and then I would say some of the other marketplaces why you might want to wait um, is if you don't have, if you don't speak those languages right? You are going to have to pay for PPC and everything in those other marketplaces and get your listing translated in a way that makes sense. Um, so yeah, I think starting with those english speaking market places, especially those that are closest to the ones where you sell can be helpful. So I like the, I want to say that it's funny but you say about translations, we learned such a good lesson with our gift baskets. So we, we expand it over to the UK and you know, it's an english marketplace. What could go wrong, right? And it wasn't moving absolutely wasn't moving. And it makes sense. You have great reviews, beautiful pictures, you know, it was, it was in those days that like you just did like 12 and three, right? And you were good. And it wasn't moving until we realize somebody pointed it out to us like six months in that the word gift baskets is not a word in the dictionary in the UK, They call hampers. And we made a switch to hampers and like, wow, I was like, okay, welcome to the world. It was like incredible. But yeah, it's like people think you could just use google translator. No, that's, that's not going to work and you're absolutely right with that. Yes. Yeah. I love that. I even whenever I do right UK listings but I'm always very careful about doing that research. Finding other listings that are doing well. Looking at the key words that are using all that kind of stuff to make sure I was working with a client in Germany the other day, we were checking on his Germany listings and um, and he wasn't doing so well and we learned, we used amazon's brand analytics and search for you know, a part of the word in german and learned that he was using a version of it in german that isn't very highly searched. It was like, oh this is why in Germany this product is not doing as well as it is in France and some of these countries. So yeah, it's really, really interesting. So why should people consider expanding globally? I mean you mentioned the one client that you had that did really well in Canada. They started on 10% in Canada. They're up to 30 and they're doing bigger, more and more numbers. I mean already though the economy is kind of shaky. It's hard to move goods, you know, so is now a good time to expand globally. Yeah. So it's the best time and you know when, when you start studying different cultures you start learning, you know about how people like to do certain things in different countries like Japan for example, people are super organized, you know very, very tiny people. So like these organizers stuff like these kitchen stuff do so well over there. It's incredible. But when you start learning about the different cultures, you start realizing that hey, I have a product right now that I could so easily just expand my business without needing to come up with a brand new line, brand new idea, brand new pictures, brand new, everything really. You literally can use the seeming that exact thing for literally just sending another shipment. That's really what it is. Um, and I believe now is now is the best time, especially since people are more hesitant to go out and you know, even if you know things are opening back up thank God and these are better People got used to buying, buying online. Like my grandmother, my 70 year old grandmother remember you know the early beginning of COVID, she was struggling and how to order from the groceries. Like she wasn't going to go out and you know the grocery shopping and I told her how to buy from the local grocery, they had an app that launched the net and every time Pearl how do I do this and how do I do that? And she was losing it. But guess what things are back open, She's vaccinated, she's doing great and she's still ordering from the grocery on her app, Why bother going in. And so it seems like the world has taken a different, a different direction. So now is the time to go along with that and utilize as much as you can with what you have because there's so much, there's so much out there you're not aware of. Again, it's just about producing a drop more and suddenly get to another place. So I believe now more than ever is the time and don't get another reminder, you know, when, when, when when it comes up that, why, why did I put my eggs in one basket? You know, it sounds so cliche, but it's the truth. Like just expand as much as you can. It's just an easy, easy process to do. Okay, [00:16:43] spk_1: so one of the things that I would really love to know pearl is what should sellers content should know before considering moving into other marketplaces uh, about, you know, shipping any, any major differences in terms of, you know, uh, instead of getting going from, you know, majority of people from china to the U. S. Going to say from like china to Australia or china to the U. K. [00:17:08] spk_0: Right? So good question. So there's a few things, the number one I would say is you want to make sure that whatever you're planning on selling international could actually get shipped internationally. So every country has its own book Alois, right? So you want to make sure compliance wise that you know exactly how to ship it and you're speaking to your shipper that you're going to be using, that they could actually get it in successfully and if not, what do you need to get is a special licensing is a special labelling, find out what exactly it is that's needed. And I would also advise never start too big. You know, we always have these sellers are like, Oh yeah, I see listening. It's the best seller listing that it's in the full container. It our specialty is small parcel shipping, but we will still advise you how to balance it out if you need it. You know, I'm not going to tell somebody it's selling pillows or, or, you know, comforters to send something about where it's going to make absolutely no sense. Um, So we will advise you accordingly, but I would still say start small. You want to test out your top, let's say five products or top 10 products. If you want to a little bit bigger, send a couple boxes and see how it goes. So what we typically advises, take inventory already have based over here in the States, ship it out and see what happens and then then then take it from there. But it does take a good six months until somebody will see that full full result of what's actually happening until their account gets the optimization that they need. Um But yeah, I would, I would say start slow, but before starting anything, definitely make sure compliance wise that you know what you're doing. Um, and then make sure that shipping is affordable to that market place that you want to get into with taxes also I want to add that you want to make sure you calculating and your duties and taxes. So get advice on that too. [00:19:01] spk_1: That leads perfectly into my next question. But before that I just want to go back to what you're saying is that absolutely such a great point. I remember early on when we expanded it, you know, we got this email that was like, hey, you can have free lightning deals for a year, managers, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. We're like, oh cool. All right. So we're gonna do the UK Germany, you know, all these ones and they're like, I will help you get your listings there. The translations were horrible, etcetera. And all it did was take our focus away from our core business because now all of a sudden we're managing five different marketplaces in five different customer service emails and things like that. So I think that's a, that's phenomenal advice. The other great advice that you gave was to 80 20 it right? Like take care like you said, your top few products and go to the UK and just test it just to dip your toes and see how the process is a little different kind of get your, make sure that you have enough staff or you're able, if you're, you know, one or two man show to, to be able to handle that extra work. So I think those are all great points. The other thing is Amy and I did this course called sourcing Small like a long time ago. And that whole thing was all about one of the most successful tactics I still to this day see is you know doing small batch orders, you know 10 to 100 something like that depending on size cost etcetera, testing the product, seeing if it's successful then going back and re ordering larger amounts. You can even create a new listing. Thanks for tuning in to part one of this episode, join us every Tuesday at one PM pacific standard time for live Q. And A. And bonus content after the recording at cellar round table dot com, sponsored by the ultimate software tool for amazon sales and growth seller. S C O dot com and amazing at home dot com.