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4 Lessons to Live By with Bobbie Malatesta
January 26, 2024
Today's guest is Bobbie Malatesta. She is the founder of 3-21 No Kiddin’. After years in Corporate America, she has evolved into an entrepreneur & podcaster whose mission is to raise awareness around gambling addiction and mental wellness. 3-21 No Kiddin’ was created on the principle of Recovery Playgrounds. Bobbie opened her 1st Recovery Playground location this past November in Naugatuck, CT, in her hometown. Bobbie talks about 4 Lessons to Live By that she has learned over the past four years-- Focus, Strategic Collaboration, Perseverance, and Authenticity. Great points and questions made in the interview: It is important to know yourself, know your values and listen to your inner voice so when you are learning from others, "You take what you need and leave the rest". "What does it have to do with the agenda of my soul?" "What can I do to feel good?" It is important to celebrate your wins each and every day. It sets the tone for your mood. Get connected to the world around you. Stick to it. Don't quit. Your dream is worth it. You are worth it.
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