The Tao Of Online Business
Adulting Entrepreneurship
May 31, 2021
In this episode, Elton will be having a discussion with his guest, Dr. Laura Jaget or Dr LJ, Creator of How To Life ( on the topic "Adulting Entrepreneurship". If you want to know more about how adulting affects entrepreneurship life and how she navigates adulting successfully, this is an episode that you should be tuning in to listen to. a) About Dr Laura Jaget (also known as Dr LJ): Dr. Laura Jaget is a retired chiropractor that has a 28-year of experience under the belt who created the How To Life brand, a podcast and Youtube channel geared toward helping, guiding, and encouraging younger, newer adults to maneuver through adulthood more easily. Or, since the term has already caught on, it helps to take the fear out of “adulting”! b) Bullet points of this episode sharing as per the below list: (Whole Episode duration is around 59 minutes with a short break in the middle (around minute 27:00) : -What Is Adulting and How Adulting Works In Entrepreneurship? -How Dr. LJ perceive Millenials in the US if being adulting to follow the path of Jeff Bezos or Mark Zuckerberg (Amazon and Facebook founder) -How to start path of adulting in entrepreneurship and our personal experience -Having a realistic and moonshot theme -How Dr. LJ Pivot her business and how she documents her transition -Her key nuggets of episode moments, her future in the podcast, and final nuggets for us, listeners. c) Dr. LJ recommended Gratitude App Tool Link: Gratefulness me, (A tool to help you improve your long-term well-being) d) Dr LJ Website and Podcast Channel Link: