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Amazon Seller Sourcing Like A Ninja Master with Steven Selikoff (Part 1)
October 29, 2019
We talk with Steven on how to take your Amazon FBA private label business to the next level with sourcing tips and tricks.
Things we discussed in this episode:

Clip 1 Steven Selikoff Introduction
Clip 2 Entrepreneurial
Clip 3 Start Amazon Seller
Clip 4 Start Retailer
Clip 5 Biggest Challenge on Amazon
Clip 6 Favorite Part being Amazon Seller
Clip 7 Product Development Process
Clip 8 Inventing Product
Clip 9 Using Tools for Product
Clip 10 Product Ideas
Clip 11 Marketing Channels
Clip 12 Marketing Tricks
Clip 13 Negotiation Trick
Clip 14 Business in Seattle
Clip 15 Scaling Business
Clip 16 Tips for New Seller
Clip 17 Motivation Material
Clip 18 What's Next
Clip 19 How Long to Sell Product and Brand
Clip 20 Trusted Branding and Factory Company
Clip 21 Price Negotiation
Clip 22 Canton Fair Book
Clip 23 Price Negotiation 2
Clip 24 Closing Greetings

Things we mention in episode 29 of SRT:
Good Morning America:
Hungry Girl:
On The Shelf Now:
Paris Vogue:
Spotify podcast:
The Canton Fair Workbook:
Tim Bush:
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