When you’re multi-talented and normies tell you to focus on one thing
The Six Percent Entrepreneur
When you’re multi-talented and normies tell you to focus on one thing
March 21, 2021
In this episode we talk about the struggles of being multitalented in a world of normies.
You have been told your entire life that you should have focused on one thing. But you are multi talented as a 6% entrepreneur. You like doing different things. In fact, you find happiness from doing a wide variety of things. You don't want to be stuck in just doing one thing. So people tell you you have to have focus. What do you do? Are they right or are they wrong?

 Okay, they're sort of right, but they're sort of wrong. So when they say you have to have focus, the Normie idea of focus is to focus on the process. And this is like where people will say, you know, focus on one major in school or focus on one career. Focus on one discipline, and that's the very Normie conventional answer for how you should focus. There's another way to focus, however, and that's focusing on who your customers are. As an entrepreneur, you get this benefit of keeping your focus just with your customer niche, and when I say your customer niche like these are your people and these are the people that you are going to keep serving for your entire life and if you keep your focus on that, then what you can start doing is you can use your multi talents to serve those people. And as you pivot among different products, different types of services, all of that can change until you find your fit. But what doesn't change is the people that you are actually going to serve. 

So the Normies are right that you should have some kind of focus, or we should have some kind of focus. What I've learned over the years, though, is when you put the focus on the people and for me that, you know that focuses on natural born entrepreneurs. Then everything else around serving those people becomes easy, and you can easily use your multiple talents to be able to serve them. And you don't have to feel confined and stuck just in one area. You are free to explore all your passions. Boom, Bam! I'm out 

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