What makes you successful?
The Six Percent Entrepreneur
What makes you successful?
April 27, 2021
In this episode, we discuss if anyone can really be successful.
Can anyone really be successful? I ask this because I sometimes have people ask me, how did you become successful? And sometimes I really have no idea what they're talking about because I don't feel successful for the most part. I mean I have successful moments that's for sure, and there are things that I've accomplished with success, but in terms of being successful, how do you define that? Because there are just so many different elements that someone would have in their life. 

You can have success in relationships, success in your business success, monetary wise, and even then when you have success, monetary wise, what does that even mean? You can have all the wealth in the world but have none of the time to yourself and that doesn't sound like success to me. Sometimes I look at Elon Musk and you can tell by some of the women that he's dated, he's had a pretty tragic time and there's like a dark side in him that paints him and you could see it. 

So I'm pretty sure he has a lot of wealth and everything and he's still learning how to make himself happy and he's trying to focus more on happiness and let his real stuff out. And that's why he'll smoke weed on Joe Rogan's show or you know, do things that normal founders wouldn't do. Like named the models of his cars after the word sex, the Model S, the Model X. And they couldn't do the Model E because it was trademark, but they did Model 3. S, 3, X spells sex and he does that kind of stuff. Right? 

Going back to the point, what is success? I think even if you ask Elon Musk, if he's successful, I don't know what he would say because there was a tweet from Elon the other day when he was pronounced like he was rich, he was the world's richest man. He was more rich than Jeff Bezos, but Elon Musk, I'm sure he like personally feels that, you've heard probably one of my previous podcasts about paper money. 

So you know, Musk is essentially a paper billionaire. As soon as you try to liquidate that money, it's not going to be a billion dollars worth of shares that you can liquidate all at once, um you would basically be dumping the market if you try to do that. So he's a paper billionaire and in response to being the world's richest man, he was just like cool and I'm pretty sure he doesn't even feel like he's the world's richest man because he just takes his money and he just spends it on the next projects. 

And in terms of that like having I guess the ability and the fluidity to invest in all these different projects that afford Elon some kind of freedom and you can see he's successful in that way for me as well. If you heard my perfect average day podcast, then I'm pretty much living 90 of my perfect average day. And I would also say that is successful or that can constitute a success. 

But what really is success? Can anyone really be successful? I think for me, the way that I feel and you might feel like this too, but the way that I feel is you can have successful moments, but it's really difficult to be successful. Success is a fleeting thing, right? I'm reminded by this quote that I really love. It's from General Patton and I kind of take it in a different way than he probably meant it. But he says "All Glory is Fleeting. All Glory is Fleeting". And what that means is, yes, sometimes you will have success but it will go away. So don't depend on that success. 

And then likewise, if you look at the flip side, if you are down in the dumps as well, that will also go away. All Glory is fleeting. And one of the things that I actually do when I recognize I'm in a glorious period is just to cherish it as much as possible because it will go away and when it does go away, that's OK. You'll have more glorious moments to come. So I don't think we can never be successful, but we can have successful glorious moments. This is Robin Copernicus. Boom. Bam. I'm out. 

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