286: God - Big G or small g
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286: God - Big G or small g
September 2, 2018
In an episode entitled, "God - Big G or small g", Aingeal Rose & Ahonu explore our creator and the origins of humankind.

In an episode entitled, "God - Big G or small g", Aingeal Rose & Ahonu explore our creator and the origins of humankind.

Welcome to this session of Answers From The Akashic Records. We started with this little mini-series covering dysfunctional families and then the next question went into learning through trauma. So, if you haven't listened to, or seen those, do check back on Youtube or on our podcast website http://HonestToGodseries.com and have a listen to those. This time we're going into the question of the origins of humankind.

There's a belief that we come in here forgetting, that somehow there's a kind of a veil of forgetfulness over usĀ and we don't remember our origins, and there's a reason, a purpose behind that. What could that be?

Okay, well, Source is saying it's not true of everyone. It's not in the divine design to have you forget. That's not a higher intention that we forget our origins. We may cause our own forgetfulness. And so, we may decide to forget everything else while we work or focus on our current task, but there are many people who come in with a lot of memory, remembering all their lives, remember when they lived, remembered what they're doing here, what is their bigger purposes. And like I mentioned before, we see that more with the new children coming in. They're coming in much more awake than we were.

It is not a divine intention that we come in to forget. If we come in and forget it's of our own decision. Or, we come in to remember. So let me hop back to ancient civilizations that appeared to be much more enlightened then, much more together in terms of what was really going on, and in terms of their skill set, were able to manipulate massive rocks and boulders, and create magnificent buildings, and they were familiar with energy and all of that. They knew a lot more about electromagnetics and how they work. If we don't know, and they knew a lot more, what would have caused the rift between then and now? Why don't we remember so we can go straight into being technologically advanced?

Well, the answer I'm getting is that there were cataclysmic activities in the cosmos and that affected many planets and affected this planet. Listen to the rest of this session here, or watch it on Youtube.

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