Authentically Kinky (formerly known as What Women and Other Wonderful Humans Want)
Mistress Raven - The Call of the Raven
July 12, 2022
From Oregon comes the powerful Dominatrix whose powerful presence is enhanced by an amazing connection with the world around her as her spirit animal calls. Meet Mistress Raven in an interview with HiThereCatsuit that takes you through the story of discovering her true self!
Oregon based Dominatrix Mistress Raven loves to dominate men and women, taking them on a fantasy journey to explore their fetishes and kinks. She offers a safe place to do this without judgment, from the most "vanilla" fetish to the absolute extreme". She is strong, as well as intelligent with a fiercely stinging tongue. Cunning, with the ability to mess with your mind. Be prepared to spend time with a Mistress who will intimidate you both physically and emotionally. She takes special pleasure in turning a wandering mind into Her dedicated personal toy :) However, She can have a tender side as well.
Mistress Raven takes pride in making Her slaves feel appreciated when they behave with respect and obedience.
Mistress Raven spent a good portion of her life hiding Her lifestyle, even trying to be submissive in a couple of personal relationships. After Covid hit She decide to “come out” & own Her Dominance. She created her online profiles and has lived without feeling shame or guilt ever since. Mistress Raven will discuss how she separates her personal relationships with those of Her slaves. “This is not a game to Me." I take my role as a Mistress very seriously. It’s not just about the session. I get to know my slaves on a very personal level and I cherish their trust, dedication, and loyalty.”
Mistress Raven enjoys a multitude of fetishes/kinks.
Findom, Humiliation Play, Mind F**king, Sounding, Cuckolding, Urophilia, Coprophilia, Restraint,
Mummification/Cellophane Play, Rejection, Findom, Cock & Ball Torture (CBT), Pegging, Sissyfication,
Sensation Play, Vaccubed, Foot Worship, Puppy Training, Flogging, Whipping, Paddling, Bondage, Nipple
Torture, Blackmail, Laser Heat, Workout Instruction, Zappers, Cupping, Ice Play, Hypno-Domination