Beyond Curious ™ (formerly 7-Figure Millennials)
#186: Designing World-Class Human Experiences & How To Live a Life of Tenacious & Idiosyncratic Curiosity w/ David Zhou
May 7, 2024
A few months ago, I was talking with my friend, Yasmina Ellins. Here’s more or less how I recall our dialogue: B: “Yas, I’m looking to connect with beyond curious, deep connection driven entrepreneurs that are passionate about building community.” Yas: “Do you know David Zhou? If not, you HAVE to meet him.” Yas introduces us… We meet, and I soon realize that David is one of few humans I’ve ever met that is just as stupidly passionate as I am about (1) curiosity and (2) designing world-class human experiences. What does that even mean? Well, here are some examples of experiences David has designed: Brunch With Strangers: Hosting a cast of people from all walks of life for a Saturday brunch... Like founders, street artists, astrophysicists, concept artists, athletes, criminal investigators, filmmakers, college drop-outs, and much more. Improv Presentations. A TED talk-like night where people present someone else’s creatively esoteric slide decks, with no context as to what’s in the deck until they’re on “stage”. People ended up having to present how to survive a cat-pocalypse to how to master the art of DM’ing using military tactics to how to be a good plant parent. Demo Day With Custom Magic The Gathering Cards: Creating an event where startup founders and investors got to know each other a la 100% customized Magic The Gathering cards with AI-Generated images of themselves and fun facts about their life experiences And as far as curiosity goes, David’s LinkedIn headline simply reads: “Tenaciously and idiosyncratically curious.” We go ALL over in this conversation… discussing how to design world class experiences that connect people, how to reach out to strangers (David has sent a cold email to a stranger every week for the past 6+ years), and more. To learn more about David, visit