Are you a natural born entrepreneur?
The Six Percent Entrepreneur
Are you a natural born entrepreneur?
February 11, 2021
In this episode we discuss the traits that describe a natural born entrepreneur.
Are you a natural born entrepreneur? So here's what we're going to do. I'm gonna read off 20 statements, and each of these statements describe a trait, and you are going to mark down how many of these traits describe you. So go ahead and pause this while you go and grab a pen and a piece of paper so you could start marking this stuff down and, um, pause when you're ready. All right. I hope you paused. Okay. 

I am driven. 
I have lots of energy that's channelled towards wildly grand ambitions. 
I am restless and unable to keep still. 
I can work on little sleep. 
I feel destined to make a difference. 
I am euphoric. 
I am easily irritated by minor obstacles. 
I am a risk taker. 
I overspend in business and personal life. 
I am hyper sexual. 
I am impulsive. 
I am fast talking. 
I am witty. 
I am gregarious. 
I am confident.
I am persuasive. 
I'm prone to making enemies. 
I feel persecuted by those that don't understand the vision or mission. 
I jump from one unrelated topic to another. 
I'm full of off-the-wall ideas. 

How many did you get? So I know I have a full, solid 18, and if I marked half points for two of those, then I would score a 19. So it's pretty high. The list of traits that I just went off for, actually, the list of traced for hypomania. And it wasn't until I learned that this is something that really describes me. It started opening up the world in terms of how I started relating to it, because I always tried to shape my life in the way that other shape their lives. And for me, I've learned that that's not the way that I live. I can work so much more faster than people, and it doesn't make sense for me to go get a 9 to 5 job because my employer is basically getting like three or four employees by hiring someone like me. 

So in that sense, I think hypomanic have to really carve out their own path. And one thing they have to do is be mindful of the dangers of a lot of these hypomanic behaviors that not only help us be successful but also could ruin us because we do act reckless and careless. Um, we'd like to spend money. Sometimes we don't give a fuck and that attitude to me. Sometimes it's good sometimes it's not. But I live my life very differently after knowing that, and I feel like a lot of the life choices that I have made are good choices. I am so satisfied with all the different choices that go against the norms of society, because now I'm actually living a happy life. 

And for those of you that are hypomanic, you know that the alternating side of it is you also get depressed. But where I am in life right now, I am actually doing really well. I have all the energy that I had before I fell into depression a little while back. But I think now that I know how to live my life, I could manage that part and actually live a life of happiness, because now I get to live the life that makes me happy and not how other people get happy. And I'm loving it. One of the things that I did to be able to get to this point is I did this exercise. I might have mentioned it a few times before, but definitely go check it out.

Go to It's the perfect average day exercise, and that link will take you to my YouTube videos, which show you, which shows you how that exercise works. And it'll help you find your core identity and realize what's truly important to you so you can build the life that you actually deserve. See you guys on the next episode. 

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