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Mistress Simone - The Chicago/St. Louis Leather Mistress
March 22, 2022
Whether it is in the second city or the gateway to the Midwest, Mistress Simone is a powerful presence as a strict disciplinarian or a sensual top. It’s all part of this fellow podcast host’s role and she talks to @HiThereCatsuit about all of them.
I am a **Chicago** and **Saint Louis** based Professional Dominatrix, with over 28 years of lifestyle and professional experience.  
I am blessed to be in a career that allows me wonderfully diverse interaction with a myriad of personalities daily. I have met some wonderful people trying to express themselves.  
In both cities I am equipped with studios to enact fetish scenarios. I also extensively travel, sessioning when I do so.I love the diversity of the submissives in each new area. If you are interested in seeing me in your city, please PM here for tributed session details.  

At this point in my journey ,I seek to engage with those who desire to explore deeper into their submission,soul and psyche. Developing SM scenarios with intense reactions for all involved is what turns me on. Unique, creative and unusual are aspects I seek to bring into my sessions. When you session with me, it will encompass intelligence and eroticism - not simply me wearing a corset and holding a whip. Fun is also part of our encounter as this is called PLAY for a reason. Fetishism is the adult playground we have all searched for.  
Currently,my main focus is on my PROFESSIONAL sessions and community education/activism.

My talents are varied and many. I specialize in corporal,bondage and medical torment. My sessions can range from a playful spanking to a intense psychological mindtrip.I do enjoy a more ritualistic, spiritual session where there is an intense energy exchange between myself and the person I am playing with on an ethical note. Even in my professional play, I expect honest and open communication between myself and the sub. All levels of lifestyle experience are welcome to see me. Novices are encouraged to apply as I am adept at introducing them to our world of wonder. I'm not THAT scary! LOL! Edge players will also not be disappointed as I enjoy my deeper, taboo fetishes.  

Fetishes I particularly enjoy are: medical play, mummification, enemas, spanking, strict mannerism service , foot, shoe and boot worship,bondage,sensory deprivation, orgasm denial/control,feminization,play piercing,heavy corporal,caning,life schedule control,key-holding,chastity and cbt.  

As a national educator and community activist, I seek to assist our community by helping educate where I can. In house BDSM educator for Leather Rose of Chicago for 8 years. Presenter at numerous Kink events including "Kinky Kollege". "Beyond Vanilla" "Sin in the City" "Fetish Flea Market" " "Vicious Valentine" " and more. I have presented internationally and at nationwide boutiques.  

While I enjoy teaching on a wide array of topics, my specialties are CBT, Female dominance, medical play,mummification and needles.

You may also view my educational clips at Kink Academy educator link here  
[Kink Academy/Miss Simone](

I am the author of "The Toybag Guide to Chastity" available from Amazon[  

My podcast based on female dominance can be found here

One thing you should know about me is that leather and community are part of my soul : not a game, a hobby or a lifestyle (Styles come and go).