Authentically Kinky (formerly known as What Women and Other Wonderful Humans Want)
The Evolution of Amanda Wildefyre
February 22, 2022
From the 80's to the present day, Amanda Wildefyre has been one of the most well known dominatrixes from her home base of Minneapolis. Now, she is taking off the latex to bring more people closer to the community we all love.
Reb Holmberg, LE, also known as Mistress Amanda Wildefyre, retired in 2021 from a career in professional dominance spanning three decades. As Amanda Wildefyre, they taught classes in BDSM technique at national BDSM/Fetish conventions, BDSM lifestyle groups and, most recently, a four-month intensive for aspiring professional dominants.

In 2001, Reb was the recipient of the Jerome Foundation Performing Arts Grant for the scripting, production, and performance of the one-woman show, Confessions of a Lesbian Dominatrix.

A Reiki master with certifications in both clinical and transpersonal hypnosis, Reb currently studies with the Institute for Sexuality Education and Enlightenment (ISEE) in the Sexuality Educator, AASECT certification program.  
They are driven by the desire to bring their accumulated knowledge and experience with thousands of BDSM players over 30 years to therapists, researchers and educators.
As one of the most sought after educators in the field of professional dominance, Reb has given workshops on topics including:

*   Male Genitorture
*   Mummification
*   Fiberglass Mummification;
*   Medical Play
*   Rope Bondage
*   Predicament Bondage
*   CBT
*   Suspension for Everyone
*   Introduction to Professional Dominance
*   Fundamentals of Professional Dominance
*   Immobilizing Bondage;
*   Hoods and Gags

**Online workshops on these topics will be available in 2022**