Top Of Mind with Stewart Hillhouse
Uncover 30 Extra Hours a Month with Kate Christie
July 29, 2020
What would you do with 30 extra hours a month? If we want to excel in our career and personal life, we're going to need to take control of our time. Time Management specialist Kate Christie joins Stewart Hillhouse to talk about the common mistakes high achievers make when it comes to budgeting their time. In this episode, Kate and Stewart discuss: - Why Having a "Don't Do" List Is More Important Than A "To Do" - How To Conduct A Personal Time Audit (For Free) - How To Figure Out If You're A Natural Multi-Tasker (Hint: You're Not) - The Three Costs To Consider With Every Large Decision - And So Much More Kate Christie is a highly sought after speaker and author of 4 time management books. She's the CEO of Time Stylers. Connect with Kate on LinkedIn: Time Stylers website: