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OEP3 Business Strategy for Digital Entrepreneurs
August 12, 2020
We are discussing a complete business framework for Digital Entrepreneurs. Have you designed your digital business? What are you missing or what have you left out? Listen to this episode to find out!
OEP 3 Business Strategy for Digital Entrepreneurs

If you want to be a successful Digital Entrepreneur, you pretty well have to rip up that expensive MBA!
I know I have one!

Typical Business Model

Digital Business

Instead of creating a physical business process from suppliers through to customers
Need to create a virtual Digital business process

Michael Porter’s Competitive Advantage

Digital Businesses focus on Differentiation

Prahalad and Hamel (1990) - Core Competencies -> Core Products
Digital Entrepreneurs need to develop competence in key digital skills and understand how they integrate

Key Components to a Digital Business Strategy

Identify Product Offering

Product Pricing

Define Audience
Who is your product for?
Do not sell to everybody

Product Creation

Product Launch

Website Setup

Content Plan


Programme Delivery

Online Sales and Marketing
Sales and Marketing process is very different
Develop and nurture your audience

Key Steps

Content Platforms

Capture Organic Traffic

Social Media Marketing


Build Funnel

Calls to Action


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