Encountering Silence
Fr. James Martin, SJ: Silence as the Bridge to Christ, the Self and the “Other” (Episode 13)
March 7, 2018
New York Times bestselling author Fr. James Martin, SJ looks at silence in the light of Ignatian spirituality.
Fr. James Martin, SJ is the author of numerous books as well as an editor at America magazine. A Jesuit priest, Fr. James has emerged as one of the leading voices for Ignatian spirituality — and Catholicism in general — for our time. He has also become a lightning rod for some segments of the Catholic world — his gentle call for greater dialogue between the Catholic Church and LGBT Catholics has led to social media attacks along with calls for boycotts and cancellations of Fr. Martin's speaking engagements. Yet he himself remains undeterred, seeking to be a voice for hope and reconciliation in our troubled world. "We've developed this culture of noise and distraction so much, that when people are alone with their thoughts or alone with silence, it's frightening." — James Martin, SJ The Encountering Silence team met Fr. James Martin when he presided at a Mass for a Pax Romana meeting in New York last December that the three of us attended. Several weeks later the four of us gathered via Skype for a rich conversation exploring  the connections between silence, Ignatian spirituality, prayer, spiritual direction, meditation, interspirituality and interfaith dialogue, and how writing (and revising) his book Building a Bridge has made a difference in his own ministry. Fr. James also muses on the essential connections between silence, relationship, and God — and how silence and prayer can help us to overcome fear of "the other." Our phones — a friend of mine the other day called them "weapons of mass distraction." — James Martin, SJ Incidentally, when we recorded this episode, the release date for the paperback edition of Building a Bridge was scheduled for March 13, 2018. Subsequently, the publisher moved up the release date one week — so the book is available now. God enjoyed silence when God was on the earth with us. — Fr. James Martin, SJ The verse from Ecclesiastes that Carl mentions is Ecclesiastes 3:11: "God has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart..." (New International Version) In terms of prayer and silence, I participate in it ultimately to be in a deeper relationship with God... I meet God in silence, and God speaks to me in silence... God always speaks to me in silence, I just need to be paying attention. — Fr. James Martin, SJ Some of the resources and authors we mention in this episode: James Martin, Jesus: A Pilgrimage James Martin, The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything James Martin, Building a Bridge (revised/expanded edition) Ignatius of Loyola, Personal Writings Martin Scorses (Dir.), Silence James Martin, Becoming Who You Are Bernard of Clairvaux, The Letters Elizabeth A. Johnson, Quest for the Living God Martin Buber, I and Thou Henri Nouwen, Reaching Out William Johnston, The Still Point Thomas G. Hand, Always a Pilgrim Hugo Enomiya-Lassalle, Living in the New Consciousness Robert Kennedy, Zen Spirit, Christian Spirit Francis X. Clooney, Comparative Theology: Deep Learning Across Religious Borders Teresa of Ávila, The Book of My Life John of the Cross, Collected Works Thomas Merton, Essential Writings Bede Griffiths, Essential Writings Anthony De Mello, Selected Writings Bobby Karle, Ignatian Yoga Vatican Council II, Nostra Aetate Richard Rohr, The Naked Now Pope Francis, Laudato Si: On Care for Our Common Home Pope John Paul II, In God's Hands Lawrence Kohlberg, The Philosophy of Moral Development Carol Gilligan, In a Different Voice Maggie Ross, Writing the Icon of the Heart Julian of Norwich, Showings Joyce Rupp, Fragments of Your Ancient Name Irene Zimmerman, Incarnation Episode 13: Silence as the Bridge to Christ, the Self and the "Other": A Conversation with Father James Martin, SJ Hosted by: Kevin Johnson With: Carl McColman and Cassidy Hall Guest: Father James Martin, SJ Date Recorded: January 29, 2018