Strategic Families
2 - Preventing Regret & Missed Opportunities (with Bruce Wray)
August 23, 2021
Join us for a health dose of parenting wisdom from Bruce Wray, faithful follower of Christ, father of 5 and grandfather of 19, as he helps us see why we should take the time to strategically plan for our family's future.
Bruce Wray is a retired businessman and faithful follower of Christ who has "walked the walk" of excellent parenting (and grandparenting) for decades. In this interview, Bruce looks back at when his kids were young and and how he and his wife, Lynn Wray, brought the business principles of strategic planning to bear on family life. Bruce teaches us:
  1. How strategic planning can prevent guilt, regrets and missed opportunities in our parenting.
  2. The importance of your kids knowing the Scriptures.
  3. A how-to plan for committing to paper what God has shown you, and the value of accountability. (You might want to have a pen & paper to take notes on this episode!)
  4. Thinking in advance about what you want your kids to know when they leave the nest.
  5. Why it's so valuable for couples to have a mentor.

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