Starting a Counseling Practice with Kelly + Miranda of zynnyme
Pain and Burnout in Private Practice: Starting a Practice as an HSP & Introvert
February 17, 2022
Miranda and Megan chat about Megan's path into private practice along with the bumps from physical pain, medication, burnout, and relocation. She opens up about being introverted which led her to a few instances of burnout and the changes that alleviated them. Miranda and Megan discuss how the “normalized" amount of workload isn't sustainable in the long run and adjusting your business to function and sustain yourself.
Do you think you would have more difficulty than others sharing your practice? Would you feel comfortable speaking to insurance companies about raising your rates, or referring out clients after you don't feel compatible with them? As an introvert, have you wondered if it's possible to run your own private practice?

 After years of working within group therapy, Megan was able to bring her own vision to life by opening her practice and relocating. Right when the honeymoon phase fizzled out, her body started taking a toll. She tried medication and implementing techniques from a coaching program, but they just created burnout. Feeling the lowest she ever had, she was close to shutting down her clinical practice, until she stumbled upon a life-changing article.

Megan, LMFT in the Portland area, discusses the success she has had in running her business as well as the challenges she faces as a highly sensitive person (HSP). She also challenges how the normalized workload is too much to handle and how personal issues are business issues.

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