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#52: E.R. Doc That’s “Seen It All” (Getting Impaled By A Tree Through The Butt, Shot In The Neck, etc.) Reveals How YOU Can Master Your Health And AVOID Ending Up In The E.R. w/ Dr. Jaime Hope
October 19, 2021
Here are 3 examples of what E.R physician, Dr. Jaime Hope, deals with on a regular basis: 1. Toddlers swallowing button batteries (erodes the esophagus very quickly) 2. People getting impaled during car accidents 3. Gunshot wounds (one person she saved got shot in the neck and survived) But if that wasn’t crazy enough… Dr. Hope is ALSO: - A mom of two - An assistant professor at the Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine - A public speaker that does sometimes over 45 talks in a year In this episode, you and I get to hang out with Dr. Hope and learn some of her TOP strategies to stay on top of your health, overcome impostor syndrome, and manage relationships… … even with an INTENSE schedule.