You need an email marketing system....Today!
Safety Consultant with Sheldon Primus
You need an email marketing system....Today!
December 7, 2020
In this episode, Sheldon says you need an email marketing system, today. He will go over the features one at a time to help you see what he mean • unlimited sends, o This means that there are no limits to how many emails in a month you can send. Some services will cap you at a set amount. • email scheduling, o You can create an email and then send it at a later date. This way you will be able to set up your messages on one day for the week, month, bi-monthly, whatever. • triggered automation by reader actions, o When someone clicks on a link in the email, you can use that action to target specific email to match their interest. L use this to send messages for subscribers that are interested in a specific class or podcast. The system will perform an action that would be “if this link is clicked”, then start this automatic message sequence. • easy email editing and tagging, o You can add text, pictures and links to the email very easily. It’s just like typing in a Word document. • Smart pages o You can have a page for people to sign up for your email or even give a free download without having you own website. The system will send the download after the person signed up for the newsletter. • autoresponders, o This feature is how you can make a series of emails to go out at different days to continue conversations with someone. You can do targeted messages over several days to promote a course, podcast, or anything. • even automatically creating draft emails from any of your existing RSS feeds. o If you have a YouTube channel or a podcast, then there is a RSS feed that gets broadcasted when you share something on that service. The email system will pick up the RSS feed and once a week create an automatic email for you to look over and send to your people. Email marketing should begin before you have a product or service. It’s a way to keep people updated on the most recent thing that you do. A smart email system will do something with the emails to raise engagement in the audience. They must first know you, then they will like you, lastly they will trust you. So after you build trust it becomes easier to sell your product or service to help them. Hope this helps you understand the process a little better. There are many email service companies, but not many do everything I just explained. I’ve been trying to find and offer my audience better resources as of late and I do have a wonderful company, If you’re ready to collect those names and emails from potential clients.
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[00:00:11] spk_0: FM. Welcome to Theo, safety consultant podcast I Am Your Household and Primacy thistles to show where I teach you the business of being a safety consultant. And e. I guess it keeps you a bunch of other stuff, too, and go over stuff stuff on my mind. My wife just the other day said, You've got just about everything on your show, and I've got one coming up. Pretty soon, I'm about to interview someone who is a doctor urologist, but we're not talking about his urology practice what we'll be talking about. Not this episode, but coming up. We'll be talking about his other passion, which is mindfulness meditation, intermittent of silence. Eso that's gonna be kind of cool. Looking forward to that interview. Have that with you, Uh, getting ready for my 100th episode. Coming up will be the first week in January Again. I should know that date, but, uh, the first Monday in January. Whatever it is, I'm gonna do a quick phone search so I could figure this one out myself. It looks like that's going to be January 4th s o the week between Mhm. Thanks. Excuse me the week between Christmas in New Year's Day, I am going to do my episodes. 96 97 98 99. Well, actually, we'll be. We'll start with with 95 So five days. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. And that will be 95 96 97 98 99. And then when we come back on January 4th, it's going to be with a special guest already pre recorded. So I'm like planning this thing ahead of time, and we're going to go with my special guest January 4th. So that is going to be the first episode of 2021 they'll actually be my 100th episode at the exact same time. That is the master plan. I'm going to stick to it. But this week we're gonna talk about email marketing again. I mentioned it earlier, like episodes like really early in, uh, in our existence is a show. So this week I'm going to go in a little bit more depth in it. Because I had someone sent me an email Sheldon at Sheldon Prima's dot com, and he was really thinking about how just he's like New to tech. Tell me more about what this email marketing is, so that's what we're gonna dio. He helped me with the show, so we're gonna talk about email marketing after this word from our sponsor.

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[00:05:36] spk_0: special discount away, right? Welcome back to the show eso Safety FM Plus. So that's gonna be like it is awesome because it's here now it's a thing. So just get a safety FM plus dot com, and then you could sign up for that one. You could get some stuff that are just not anywhere else, and I'm actually part of that as well. You could see my OSHA compliance help show on that. And, uh, and I say, See, not just listen. You could see my OSHA compliance help show on that one. E. I am also doing a live OSHA compliance help questions live streaming twice a week Tuesdays and Thursdays. If I am not working those days or could do client meetings later on, it's going to be 11 a.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays. How you could see it is you could join the safety consultant Facebook group you could join or like the safety consultant Facebook page OSHA compliance help Facebook Page shall bro safety Facebook Page the twitch TV and believe his twitches. But you look for the safety consultant show on Twitch. You could follow me or connect with me on linked in, and you'll be broadcasting on my LinkedIn. If you're on YouTube and you like YouTube better, then you go to youtube dot com. Backslash C for channels back slash OSHA compliance help or youtube dot com and then just look up safety consultant US. So there's a boatload of ways for you to be able to see me do my live stream event for OSHA compliance. Help. The Livestream events will be Tuesdays and Thursdays. If I'm not working, it's gonna be right at the 11 o'clock hour each time. If I am going to be a previous engaged either with a client or teaching or something similar to that, then we're going to do an evening version of this. So that's the way I'm gonna work and I'll let you guys know if it's going to be an evening version or a day version wants you to follow me on the social media's. So go ahead and look up basically anywhere you type safety consultant or safety consultant. Us and Facebook YouTube twitch or even look for me on LinkedIn Lincoln dot com Backslash in backslash Sheldon Prima's What you're gonna do is just right in the in the connection request that you heard me on the podcast. So I know it's not gonna be those people that are instantly gonna be my connection and all of a sudden, bam spam. You guys been getting that? I haven't really been getting that lately, you know? I mean, like, thes instant. It's almost like I'm pushing the button on my mouth. You know that that little left click and I'm trying to push it assumes they push it, Bam, come back with spam like, Oh, yeah, well, we got thistle, or we got this service or this service, or do you need, uh, financing or whatever it is? It's gotten absolutely ridiculous. Ridiculous on LinkedIn. So please, you do it. Just go ahead and write in a note. I heard you on the show on your show, so I'm trying to connect with you. So once you connect with me on my main page, that's where the live streams will be. If you wanna look a look at the live streams on linked in And the benefit of that is not only you're gonna get to ask me questions live, but you get to listen to people who have actually asked me questions before. I may help you, and I'm gonna answer any kind of ocean compliance question. Meaning, uh, if it's something regulatory that you need help with the for your own business or for your clients help you with that one. If you wanna win a bet, go ahead. I bet you don't know this record keeping question or whatever. I'll help you out with that one. So those air Tuesday and Thursday live streaming you fence. So Alright, what's getting to the main show Main show? We're gonna talk about email marketing. I mentioned it early, early, early before probably in the early twenties, episodes of my show, but I've gotten a couple of emails regarding it. So it's telling me I may need to do this again, and, uh, let's do it. So I had, you know, I told you guys I'm helping. People were. Resource is. And if you ever need help with a resource per se for your business. Email me direct. I used to do it on my resource page. I'm not doing that anymore. It becomes a little bit easier for me to deal with people one on one. So just email me direct that Sheldon at Sheldon Prima's dot com and this is what someone did. They just did not understand the email marketing stuff. I want to know how to pick a service. So here's what you're looking for for features that's gonna help you. And here's what the's features do. So number one you need unlimited email sends, meaning you sending out your broadcast message to whoever signed up to your list fat. You're looking forward to be unlimited. And that means it's not only that you're going to be sending out one newsletter, let's call it newsletter for now because it's a little easier for that. That's one type of email marketing. So let's say you're going to do a newsletter catch up that yeah, maybe once a week. That's what I usually do every other week. Everyone so well, it depends on how busy week is, Uh, and that is one way of sending out. But as we go on a little bit further, you're probably gonna have targeted messages to different people that you really want to send, uh, throughout the day throughout the month throughout a week. So now this compounds how many times you could send. So therefore, if you don't have a cent or should say unlimited amount of sense, sure, you could do the four cents if you're doing one a week. But that's not going to give you what you need when it comes to the real power behind email marketing. So you wanna make sure you have plenty of sends unlimited if possible. That's what we're looking for. Now they're feature you're looking for is can you schedule this email to be delivered at a different time? So that just basically means you could batch your emails. You get sitting on Sunday if you want, and have your simple wine or coffee if you're doing that early in the morning. Uh, and you could set up your emails for the week for the month. However you want to do it, that is scheduling your email so you could do a schedule version of that just so that you could maximize your time So you're not just sending your email of synchronously where soon as you're done emailing, you hit send, and that's the only way you do it. You want a feature in there that allows you to schedule your email, and that's gonna help you more with your time. Management is really what that one boils down to. Then we'll get a little bit. Uh well, even before I get into the tricky stuff, you want to make sure that the email system is something similar to a word, uh, program. Or if you're using the Apple version of word, whatever that is, I think it's notes or e only. Remember, Just have a Mac and I was, like, a while ago. I don't even remember the nomenclature behind that anymore. So you guys might have to send me What? What? That one is e. I do know word. I'm good with that one, Notes Best docks. I don't know. Anyway, E tigress, what you really wanna do You wanna make sure that this is easy for you to follow something that your simple or to do where you're typing in If you wanna make the font larger or smaller or if you wanna tell a size versus not or if you want to underline hyperlink uh, pictures. If you want to insert pictures, then that's another dynamic thing. Uh, generally, you don't want to insert videos, because what will happen is that's gonna filter out your email in some servers. So if they see a file like a video file, Thanet makes a little bit harder. You could embed ah, video file, and that's really what it called what it's called. You put a little HTML code, and that code is gonna embed a video file. So when someone opens it up and they're seeing it, all they have to do is click play and a view right there in the email, as opposed to clicking a link, then taking them over to the actual broadcast. You know, if it's on YouTube or twitch or some of the other video streaming services, that is, um ah, feature you're looking for. You really don't want to embed the video again because servers don't like that. But if you can actually go ahead and do that length, that's gonna send it over to the other side. So that's ah, good way of doing it. So now let's get into some of the really fun features and I'm gonna say this fun features. As in this e. I love being able to do something where it's intuitive, a system that's intuitive to your needs. So one of the things that is awesome with with some services and the service that I use for email marketing. If you need help with email marketing and buying a system, go ahead and send me an email Sheldon at Children primacy dot com. I'll help you with a great deal with the system and program I'm using, but they're intuitive in this. There's something called R S s feed. So I'm talking to you now and it is broadcasting to you in the form of a podcast. I also, whenever I do my live streams, that goes onto YouTube like I mentioned. So the YouTube streaming creates there goes through what's called RSS feed, so the email systems that really help you feature is if they get triggered every time you do an RSS feed, meaning a broadcast, then this'll what's called smart campaigning. What it's actually going to do later on is is going to take the week's worth of broadcast, put it together and then create an actual text to say, Hey, subscriber, I've been listening. Uh, have you heard this from this week? Have you heard this from this week? And therefore all you need to do, They'll send you a little email letting you know? Hey, you're smart. Campaign is ready. You need to go over there. You review what you what you said over last week's RSS feed systems. This is something you wanna add or not. And then you go ahead and you just say, Yep, it's good. Make your changes. Your tweaks. If there's anything else you need to promote even more, then go ahead. Do that promotion to with it. But it already got you started. And then from there you could send you could send it right away. You could send it delayed, however you want to do it. But it already not only picked up the feed, but then it puts it in such a way that it might even in bed a picture eso that the person will see what your your thumbnail picture was on that r s s feed. That's excellent. I really love that feature. That's what you're looking for for one of the, uh, intuitive features into email marketing. Another one that you really wanted to look for is tagging. What tagging is is if someone opens your email or does any action as they're reading the email, that could now be a point where you could say this reader is X. So, for instance, I did one where I had a, um, I moved from Convert Kit. That's what I was using before you guys knew what I was using it because I did two videos on how to use convert Kit and I was looking for something cheaper. I was looking for something more intuitive, So I moved to my current system, uh, from Convert Kit. So one of the things that I needed to do was to delineate who goes construction, who goes general industry, who is wastewater operation and things like that. So I sent out this email and the email had links in it, and the links will say, If you're more interested in construction topics, click here. If you're more interested in general industry topics, click here. If you are a wastewater operator and want to hear more about wastewater. Click here, so that's really what I was doing at the time. So if that's the case, then truly what I'm I'm thinking off truly. What I just did is I created a pathway that when someone clicks to this message and what will happen after they click goes to a landing page and the landing pages, just the static page that you could just say thank you were you could have additional message on this page or whatever. The action of clicking is what you want When someone clicks on that, they now congee tagged with a code or words that say they're interested in general industry and someone clicks under construction. Right now, my system knows they're more interested in construction. They put a tag on that person's email address, and now they're categorized under construction General industry Waste order. Those are the things that mean the most to me and I. I do a lot of topics on that. So next time I do une email and it's on Lee Construction, I don't have to bother that people in general industry or the waste order people on my list about this. It'll Onley go to the people who identify themselves as being in construction. Because of that tag, another way you could use that tag. I have an international list so I could send a tag and my international list that says, This person's from Jamaica. This person's from UK. This person is wherever. So therefore with that boils down to is I'm not going to send them, You know, happy Thanksgiving. If they're from the UK or they're from, you know, maybe from there in England, I say Happy Thanksgiving. It's like a little dig, you know. No, I'm not going to do that. But that would be Fourth of July. Wouldn't you imagine that sending someone from the UK of the happy Fourth of July, the day we broke away from you. But anyway, you get the idea. So generally what I'm doing here is I am I am separating people through a tagging system that says they are more interested in this. And once I get that information out, then that is going to help me. So that's another idea there with tagging people, auto responders, Another feature you're looking for, um, auto responder is awesome. And this is why you. Actually, you're going to need unlimited sense again. That is one of the most important thing you're looking for unlimited sense, because with the auto responder, uh, for instance, a lot of people want my book for free, and that's fine. Sometimes they do that, and I have a a way to do it. So they go to what's called on landing page again. The static page that you set up and it has some aesthetics to it. But it's an exchange. I need your name and your email exchange for this free book, and the book is gonna help you. I promise not to spam you with your name and email as you're getting it. But it will also say, Are you interested? It's a double. Opt in is what it's called. Uh, look at a little email. This is you interested in, or thank you for subscribing and you gotta click to say, All right, I do want this. So as you're doing that, what will happen in this case is you now, Kansteiner art a targeted message system for this individual that starts with that download so it could be done over several days. Day one introduction to yourself day to, uh, you know, have you read this part of the book A Day three? Here's a podcast on this topic that was covered in the book, and you could do that for Siri's. You know, maybe you want to do it for Ah week, two weeks a month, and you could do it every day. You could do it every other day. It's up to you how you feel that interval should be. But for every person that's on your list that click through that system like either to get a book or if they let's say you have a course coming up and you want to make sure that people can get, um, the first, the first module of the course for free. So they click, they get the first module for free, and now you could send them MAWR messages on that information to get them detailed learning. And you're doing it in a uh, was that, uh, E want to say a asynchronous? That's the word I'm looking for in a synchronous way. So therefore you don't have to be there doing this every single time, clicking through and clicking here and clicking through and sending the email the auto responders set up. You do that All that wants that one time. It's so cool you set it up for one time. And as many people as gets this download joins this list wherever goes to this page. Whatever the trigger is to start the auto responder thing, you're setting this up in in the back and that that that actually sets me to the next part. Three auto responders and everything else usually is coming from a trigger, so the trigger can be some sort of action. You could trigger it if your email system smart enough and you could sync it up to another system you're using, such as a course. So let's say someone now registers for, Of course, your email system talks to whoever is of the learning management system LMS. So that enrollment goes from that LMS system warning management system to your email system. That action that sale triggers on auto responder. So once you're doing that, once you get that ought to respond to trigger, now you're you're in for business. That really is gonna be something that's gonna help you out in the best way you can is going to keep the system running. And it's truly, uh I love that into this feature. It's something that works very well. And I actually, um I use that I do. You send a lot and it helps me because again, the system for anyone to even purchase from you if you want to stay that way, you are offering them some things. I do a lot for free, but sometimes I got a charge for things. You know, I don't work for anyone else. I work for myself. So in order for me toe keep my family fed, I gotta also sell. I can't just be everyone's buddy, so I gotta sell some time. So what this works out is I am now going through that system for anyone to buy from. You ever the mind. The psyche is I need to know him and I gotta like him. And then I'll trust him. And after that, it decision to buy from this person becomes a little bit easier. So that's really what When I'm doing in these systems, the email marketing system is really important because it automates that and everyone is truly looking through their emails at some time, So you want to make sure that you have a way to connect with people. And you could do email marketing and the system without having a website. Because most of these systems I shouldn't tell you most. The better systems out there that does email marketing and campaigns. They're gonna have a place where you could do your own landing page or your own smart pages, they may say. So. The smart page will give you it will be their their service name, whatever it is dot com email marketing dot com backslash And then you put in, you know, Sheldon primary. So you put in, uh, safety consultant or something like that. So now when someone asked for your or you want to tell someone, Hey, get this free. Whatever. Go to this company dot com backslash free product. And once they type that into their browser, you don't actually need tohave a page set up. You don't need tohave your domain set up or anything. You're actually going to be using this system that already has that feature in there, and now you have a Web presence. With that, actually having a domain name without having ah website set up. So that's the key. All right, So I gave you a whole bunch of think about. Chances are you're gonna have to rewind this a little and listening to it and rewind, right? It's something we don't use anymore. But if you need help finding, ah, email system, I love the one I'm using. Just send me a email Sheldon at Sheldon prima's dot com in your subject. Just right. Uh, email marketing. And I'll know what you're talking about. All right, so go get him. This'll Episode has been Powered by Safety FM