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25. WHY you should NEVER wear UNDERWEAR with your BIKE SHORTS and 8 TIPS to alleviate Saddle Sores
January 29, 2021
In this episode you will learn: WHY you should NEVER wear underwear with your bike shorts and 8 TIPS to prevent Saddle Sores.
WHY you should not wear UNDERWEAR with your BIKE SHORTS and 8 TIPS to alleviate Saddle Sores 

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Why you shouldn't wear bike shorts. 
Most bike shorts have been designed to wear without underwear for maximum comfort. Road cycling shorts usually have a built-in padding called a chamois.
Wearing underwear negates the benefits of shorts namely reduction friction and managing moisture.

Underwear can cause weird pressure points from the seams and friction which can contribute to saddle sores, that are extremely uncomfortable and can take months to get rid of .
Saddle sores can be caused from ingrown hairs becoming boils and sometimes need surgical procedures for removal.

Here are 8 Tips to prevent Saddle sores:
1. Get out of your bike shorts as soon as your finished your ride 
2. Calamine Lotion
3. Chamois Cream
4. Get some good bike shorts
5. try a new saddle 
6. Take a few days off the bike 
7. take a bath. 
8. Visit your doctor 

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