Launch your business with the Mousewheel Method
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Launch your business with the Mousewheel Method
February 15, 2021
In this episode we talk about how you can get off your butt and launch your startup today.
How would you grow your business using the mouse wheel method? And I'm gonna explain the mouse wheel method in a few, but I'm going to share a story on how I've actually applied it for someone's startup idea. So this one person from Florida, he has a lot of experience working as a salesperson in a lot of cell phone stores, and he noticed that the older customers they might not really be looking for new phones or anything like that. 

But they'll come into the store because they need some kind of help desk level of help. But the business model for cell phone stores isn't set up to do help desk for mobile phones and set up to do sales. So none of the salespeople are focusing on any of these people that actually need help desk help because it doesn't pay their bills. It doesn't bring in Excuse me, it doesn't bring in any commission. So he figured that if there's a demand for this, maybe he could build some kind of app, which would be sort of like an Uber for helped as people. 

So if someone's having trouble with their phone instead of this old person getting into their car and having to come to someplace, we'll just send someone out. And he figured that he could employ. Call his students and it would be like a really great way for college students to make some extra side income doing this, and he was wondering how he could start getting funding. So that's the thing. That part I told them I was like, Why do you need funding? There are so many tools out there right now that you can actually implement your business right now and get paying customers without actually having to look for funding at all. And the way you would do it is used existing tools and put it together and just run your business manually, and what you'll find out is, as you run it manually, you're going toe. Learn all the little kinks that need to be fixed in your process, and as you fix that and you get better and better at your business, then you will start automating some of your processes. 

Once you build that automation that actually becomes your app. So instead of going out and spending tens of thousands of dollars on building something you don't even know if people will want. Just do it. Using a pen and paper, go out and find your providers the call students that want these jobs and go out and find people that need this. Help that service, try to sell them a subscription. And if you could go out into the market right now without even building a single thing and get people to buy into your vision, then you know you could take the next steps. 

Now you can start building a marketplace, and you could do it on paper. You can start scheduling your appointments on paper and have the technicians go out, and they don't even have to go out anymore. Why would someone have to go out someone's home, especially with coronavirus? Why not just facilitate the whole thing on FaceTime or zoom or some other video at platform? So it's something that you could definitely start doing right now, you don't have to wait for a gatekeeper to. Open this gate for you. Just figure out how can you do this manually? And this is the mouse wheel method where you're just taking a process and instead of building an application for it, you do it manually, toe learn as much as you can about that process, and then you begin to automated, and once you automated, that automation becomes your app. 

And this is a way where you can save tens of thousands of dollars on building something that people don't want, and you're actually building something with the people in mind first, and the people are spending their actually giving you money for the service, and your idea has been validated. So that's the mouse will method, and I will see you guys in the next episode. 

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