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346. Discover the Surprising Connection Between a LAUF SUSPENSION FORK and a Prosthetic Running Leg | Benedikt Skúlason
September 25, 2023
LAUF Seigla is ranked as one of the TOP Gravel bikes, and here's why. You will be amazed at how the Lauf - Suspension fork was created.

Benedikt Skúlason the founder of Lauf was born and raised in Reykjavik, Iceland. 
Currently living in Harrisonburg VA.
Amazing husband and dad to 2 kids
Aside from cycling (and various other sports), Bene has been into inventing, designing and building things. Started out with Lego as a kid, and designed and made competition robots in College. 

Today he is still doing the “same” thing. Designing, inventing and making “stuff”, all day every day.
How the Suspension Fork came to be:  Bene spent a year at Össur HF, the world leader in prosthetics, designing flexible carbon fibre leaf spring feet.
Founded Lauf in 2011 with a childhood friend Guðberg Björnsson, bringing his invention of a leaf-sprung lightweight suspension fork to life.
-In 2017/2018 Lauf moved on to full bikes, from “just” forks, with our True Grit gravel race bike.
-In 2022 we launched our next iteration of a gravel race bike, the Lauf Seigla.
-In 2023 we opened our US assembly factory in Harrisonburg VA.

Founder & CEO
tel. (+354) 699 7780  /  (+1) 540 236 1859

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