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297. WHY "I" Don't Like Exercise | Personal Trainer Mike Kelly
December 5, 2022
Meet my friend Mike Kelly, we meet while taking our Can-Fit-Pro personal training certifications decades ago. Since then Mike went back to school and completed a psychology degree from Queens, then developed a really cool program called "Why I Hate Exercise - The Psychology, Health & Fitness Professionals Need To Know". Think about it........ how much do you really like exercising? Or do you do it because you know you need too?

Mike Kelly
has been involved with sports/fitness for 45+ years, has been a Personal Trainer (& continues to be), training individuals virtually these days; 
Strength & Conditioning Coach at the Varsity level; an Expert Fitness Witness for the legal profession; and a PRO TRAINER for canfitpro for ~ 20 yrs training and certifying fitness professionals.
Realizing there was a disconnect with many people who struggle to get/ maintain good health & fitness over the long term, Mike went back to school to fill in the blanks – in the Spring of 2020, he became Queen's University's oldest psychology grad during that period. 
Combining my extensive fitness background together with the psychological aspects, 
 Mike created and now delivers an accredited course (virtually) called 
"Why I Hate Exercise - The Psychology, Health & Fitness Professionals Need To Know". 
This course went live in December 2021, delivered corporate to various fitness organizations and also, a public version.
With my moniker being the “cynical trainer, I have some contrarian, science-based views about exercise.
Mike Kelly
Course Author and Owner of We Mean Fitness, Inc.
canfitpro PRO TRAINER (PTS & FMA)
Ph.: 613-830-1300
Email: or
Instagram: @cynicaltrainer
Twitter: @cynicaltrainer


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