Secrets Your Mentor Never Told You
Stories in your body - Alcohol
June 9, 2022
Have you ever wondered about healing the nutritional needs of your family and not doing it all alone? Shannon Donohoe Simpson is a nutrition expert for your whole family and has experience with children who have special needs. Shannon is intuitive and creative in her life. Being called "too much" as a child and "You should be seen and not heard," Shannon isn't about to back down from these stories. Questions have come through personal experiences having breast cancer and children with autism. Today Shannon and I ask, what place does alcohol have in our lives? Shannon shows how the struggle with alcohol is a signal to listen to her body. By focusing on her whole health she explains how. She joins me to share her personal experiences to help you move ahead in yours. Shannon is also on an expedition to explore the outer reaches of Canada, family in tow.
How to break free from not being heard
highly sensitive person 
How to move through the discomfort
When staying the same is harder than change
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Mt Baker WA
How you build to be confident

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Simpson Family Road Trip

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