Dating Kinky
Are you a mind reader?
May 20, 2022
People who believe you can read minds, often believe that they can, too.

I’m pretty sure that unless you are the great Zoltar, you’re gonna answer “No” to that.


(TL;DR People who expect you to understand what they do not say will also believe they know what you are thinking better than you.)

Because the vast majority of humans are not born with the ability to read minds, and absolutely don’t need to take on that responsibility in their relationships.

No matter how often someone else tries to put it on us.

When these phrases are in play, it’s a good idea to NOPE TF out of that. That guilt is not yours.

One of the first arguments I had with my Pet was centered here. He had traveled 2 hours to see me one evening, and a birthday party was going on. We spent about four hours at that party, and when we left on the way back to my place, he got sullen.

He had wanted to leave two hours before we did.

But he didn’t say so.

In the car on the way to my place, he said, “You should have known I wanted to spend time with YOU tonight. I traveled all this way to be with you, not at a party with people I barely know.”

Which was completely understandable.

And totally unfair.

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