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{ep. 61} Why Kindness Matters with author Christina Dankert
February 10, 2022
Ep. 61 is about Kindness. Host Alexa Bigwarfe interviews author Christina Dankert about her book, The Kindness Machine. We talk about why she wrote this book, her journey to get it published, marketing a picture book on kindness, and more!
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The world needs more Kindness! I loved interviewing Christina Dankert, author of The Kindness Machine, publishing by Purple Butterfly Press, March 2022.

In this episode we discussed:

- why kindness to others is important but the concept of self-love and self-kindness is crucial
- kindness is simple but often is most noticeable when it is missing
- concept of teaching kindness to children - not just talking about it once or reading one book but being a constant topic to revisit throughout a school year

We talked about her free downloads to help spread Kindness. Link below.

Christina Dankert is a children’s book author, elementary educator and lover of books. As an educator, she believe books are a beautiful way to continue to learn and grow. She believes all children should be able to find themselves in picture books. It is through children’s literature and reading to the children in our lives, that will change the world.

Learn more about Christina and get her free Random Acts of Kindness hearts and her bookmarks on her Website:

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