Authentically Kinky (formerly known as What Women and Other Wonderful Humans Want)
Goddess Alexandra Snow - Walking in a Wicked Eden
January 25, 2022
It's a SNOW DAY on the show as The Goddess Alexandra Snow joins HiThereCatsuit on the podcast to talk about the joy of authenticity in this in depth interview that covers so many beautiful topics. ⁠
Alexandra Snow has been a professional Dominatrix, dungeon owner, educator, and fetish media model/producer since 2005. She is known for being a rebellious entrepreneur and FemDom muse. She helped to create and pave the way for the fastest-growing niche of porn: FemDom POV. Her videos and clip stores have been consistently ranked at the top of major clip sites for the last decade and she continues to push the envelope across all areas of content creation. She has built and maintained an online presence that has withstood time, and endeavors to share her secrets with others. She has trained and mentored numerous professionals in and out of her dungeon, Wicked Eden. 
In 2019, she founded the Wicked Collective, an independent sex worker collective located in Columbus, OH. Together with her team of dynamic women, they went on to launch the Wicked Alliance, a global SW community focused on education and empowerment. She teaches classes online and off, in numerous areas of sex work-- from content creation to professional BDSM skills to financial planning. She now produces luxurious events for sex workers in beautiful locations, to further build camaraderie and collaboration. 
She is the subject of the documentary, A Wicked Eden, and can be found in numerous publications, podcasts, interviews, and more. She is passionate about elevating the adult industry and fostering connection, creativity, and ethical entrepreneurship. 
You can find out more at and, or follow her on Twitter at @DominaSnow**