The SDR DiscoCall Podcast: For Brand New Sales Development Reps
#097 The SDR DiscoCall Show – Emily Parker
April 2, 2024
In this episode of The SDR DiscoCall Show, presenter Neil Bhuiyan engages in a conversation with Emily Parker, the Insight Sales Director at Insider. Emily unfolds her journey into sales and leadership, stressing the significance of curiosity and posing pertinent questions during interviews. She also delves into the allure of being a sales development leader and the influence of parenthood on leadership. The discussion underscores the necessity for mentors and coaches, along with the importance of mental readiness when assuming a leadership role. Emily navigates through the trials of maintaining a balance between parenthood and work, drawing from her experiences as a working mother in a demanding profession. She underscores the value of discovering a flexible company and having a supportive partner. Furthermore, Emily explores the process of crafting her personal brand and engaging with Sales Confidence, a community for sales professionals. She accentuates the importance of networking and introspection. Lastly, she extends advice to her younger self, advocating for trust in intuition, networking, and attentive listening during calls.

Key Takeaways

Curiosity is a crucial attribute for success in sales development.

When preparing for sales interviews, research the company and its leaders, and ask questions about their strategy, tools, and team structure.

Leadership in sales development is rewarding because it allows you to help others grow and develop their careers.

When seeking a mentor or coach, reflect on what you want to achieve and find someone who aligns with your goals.

Parenthood can change your perspective on leadership, making you more caring and invested in the success of your team. Balancing parenthood and work can be challenging, but finding a flexible company and having a supportive partner can make a difference.

Building a personal brand and getting involved in industry communities, such as Sales Confidence, can help boost confidence and career growth.

Networking and listening to your own calls are valuable practices for personal and professional development.