Authentically Kinky (formerly known as What Women and Other Wonderful Humans Want)
Natalya Sadici: The Patron Saint of Debauchery
December 20, 2022
The Patron Saint of Debauchery, Vixen Sadist & South Florida Dominatrix - the incredible Natalya Sadici joins @hitherecatsuit for a conversation that includes her amazing history in the community and the story of how they connected in a beautiful way through the podcast.
Mistress Natalya Sadici is the Vixen Sadist, Patron Saint of Debauchery, and has been a Professional Dominatrix since 2003. Having started as a lifestyle Mistress first in Chicago, she found her way through the doors of a commercial dungeon-a space she briefly managed. Throughout her career as a proud professional pervert she's: helped run kinky events, taught classes on D/s, fetish, and BDSM; produced educational videos, films titillating FemDom videos, and of course conducts private sessions.  
Her passion for FemDom is palpable. It can be seen by the gleam in her eyes and diabolical grin that comes across her face. She is serious without taking herself too seriously. It’s these complexities she values in herself and others.  
Mistress Natalya currently resides in South Florida sessioning out of her own private dungeon-welcoming the gender spectrum as well as couples to embrace their perversions. Despite being "out", she understands not everyone has the luxury of living an open kinky life. Discretion has, and always will be, the foundation her Pro FemDom business is based upon.