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301. Michigan's Best GRAVEL Events: Ride to Hell, The Dirty Mitten, Ugly Dog, and the Waterloo G&G meet Event Organizer John Mosey
December 19, 2022
John Mosey and his partner Jon Conkling will be organizing over 9 cycling events this summer of 2023. WOW. This story is pretty amazing how they came to acquire some of these gravel events.
Ride to Hell

The Dirty Mitten  

Ugly Dog

Waterloo G& G :

John got into the world of endurance sports by telling my wife I was going to run the local 25k.  
At the time I was close to 300# and I generally have problems with impulse control so she thought I meant the next day.  I do crazy things, but I'm not dumb, so I explained to her that I had a year to train. 
 Fast forward and I lost 100lbs and finished the race.  
That was followed by a cycle of being lazy, putting weight back on, running to lose weight, etc until I got hurt... 
then I found cycling, which is the sport I truly fell in love with.  
Eventually, I added swimming and became a triathlete.  
While lost on a training ride I ended up on a seasonal/Jeep road with my skinny tire tri bike and had a great idea that someone should put on a gravel tri.  
Fast forward another couple of years and I reached out to a local RD to inquire about borrowing some equipment to make 
The Dirty Mitten is a reality only to walk out of the meeting owning the two largest independent tris in the state of MI along with my hetero life mate, Jon Conkling.  
We have excellent timing and took over the races just in time for Covid!  
In 2021 we added The Dirty Mitten and then last year we went nuts and added Waterloo GG, Ugly Dog Gravel Tri, Brainy Day Trail Run, and Rode 2 Hell.  
Next year we add GR Gran Fondo (was MSU Gran Fondo) and we have plans to add more races in 2024.
Contact Info - 
John Mosey
6226 Miramonte Drive
Rockford, MI 49341
Race Director, Grand Rapids Triathlon
Race Director, Michigan Titanium
Race Director, The Dirty Mitten

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